Ravelry: The Dirty Side

 I’m kidding, actually. There isn’t really a dirty side to Ravelry. I love this place. But you absolutely get sucked in. Balancing Ravelry and life can be, ah, difficult. For the uninformed, http://www.ravelry.com/ is a knitting and crochet website that has absolutely the most intuitive format of a website ever. I want to see more websites take a tip from Ravelry. It is brilliant.

 There is, however, some stuff you will quickly learn about Ravelry, and I want to talk about groups. Anyone can start a group about anything on Ravelry, proof of this being the group about….toilet paper. Yeah, um, no links. Anyway, there are three basic ‘types’ of group, although none of these are official

  1. Educational

 I belong to a couple of these groups.   fibre-alliance being one of these. (Forgive the font size change) Fibre Alliance came out after a knitting/crochet brawl that unfolded into a hundreds-of-posts long monster, and I decided that I wanted to make a group for knitters who wanted to learn to crochet and for crocheters who wanted to to learn to knit, and anyone who wanted to expand their skills a little. I also belong to EZ EPS, another educational group and another of the groups that I started, the-review, which is dedicated to reviewing yarn, guidelines provided.  These tend to be great, if you can get enough momentum in the group to create enough content and information.

  2. Knitalongs

 These are fairly obvious. Knitalongs for hot patterns like the Central Park Hoodie, or for a mystery shawl-a-long tend to be the most popular. Sometimes, after the initial months, these groups can slow down, because everyone has knitted the great Whatsit. Variations include crochet-a-longs (crocheters tend to be less prominent in Ravelry) and stash-a-longs, in which people with mondo stashes futilely attempt to convince themselves that they can knit it away. To those people, I say, send your extra yarn to me you silly people HA!

 3. Social, chatty groups

 I have a group called Teens Knit and Crochet—currently at 289 members, no joke. So if y’all are reading this and you’re a teenage knitter or crocheter, or you know one, send them over to Teens Knit & Crochet a very active group, and we have lotsa fun. Other social groups include stuff like ‘Knitters for Obama’ or the infamous BID, or, Big Issues Debate group. BID is not for the faint of heart, and if you want to understand the group, you should go back to the (now-locked) domestic pinny porn thread, and read it. Yes, it is thousands of posts long, but you will understand the other threads much better. These tend to be the biggest time suck. One of my personal favorites is the CESOB group, which no one except for a few closed-mouthed jerks knows what it means. CESOB is a bit of an odd duck group, so unless you enjoy in-jokes and randomness, you might find it rather boring.

 So, there you have it. A run-down of what most of the groups break down into. Ones that I have left out because three is a convenient number include regional groups, LYS groups, and destash groups, all which are fairly obvious by their names.  Ifyou want to avoid the time-suck, avoid the forums altogether, they are dangerous places, peeps. Just browse the patterns, browse the yarn, but avoid the forums!



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  1. friender replied:

    Hi Genuine. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I see you had to go and tell the whole world (wide web) about CESOB. Well, ya know, if you’d asked me about the name I woulda told you. At one time. 😉

  2. Sara replied:

    I know what it means, nah, nah, nah, nah!

  3. genuinelye replied:

    You’re a mean person.

  4. mamanak replied:

    I think I got my blog url wrong. I suck. No wonder I’m on CESOB. They won’t tell me either. They either secretly hate me or fear me.

  5. Leigha replied:

    First rule of CESOB: We do not speak of the meaning of CESOB.

  6. Mary replied:

    We will never tell!!!

  7. Jen replied:

    Dude. CESOB is gonna be SOOOO famous now! (And yet, still, no one will ever know. EVAR! Bwahahahaaaa!)

    I just saw your note on my blog. Consider yourself added, yo!

  8. Carat replied:

    “Ifyou want to avoid the time-suck, avoid the forums altogether, they are dangerous places, peeps. Just browse the patterns, browse the yarn, but avoid the forums!”

    Ha! I spent something like 2 hours looking for the perfect pattern for 6 skeins of Debbie Bliss Pure Silk a couple days ago. After all of the searching I decided to use the second one I found. Ravelry in general is a huge time suck.

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