My California PenPal: Fat Letters & John Adams

 Ravelry pretty much has everything except a church, so I wasn’t surprised to run across the Penpals on Ravelry group. I hemmed and hawed a little, because I wondered if my seriously inconsistent self could do justice to another penpal. Finally, however, I posted, asking for a penpal. I was pleasantly surprised when someone who I had ‘met’ on another board PMed me and said that they, too, were looking for a penpal.

  I wrote a letter, promptly lost it, and then wrote another, and stuffed it into the mail. Then, it was my turn to anxiously wait for a letter in my mailbox. Rain or shine, I was outside, checking the mail. To my delight, on Monday, there lay a long, crackly letter addressed to me! I snatched it up, tossing the ads and assorted junk mail (UP TO $5000 CREDIT, NO INTEREST UNTO THE TENTH GENERATION!!!) onto the counter.

  My CA penpal had written a luciously long letter; I sat down and read every bit. Then, I wrote another long letter in reply—and added it to the long letter I had already written, in my impatience. This letter is so fat that it’s thicker than some paperback books! I added a tiny little extra to the letter-nothing huge, but I hope that she enjoys it. I’ll tell you what it is when she gets the letter!


 In the midst of all this letter-writing, what do I hear about, but a free card that you can send until the 31st of this month?

 Apparently, John Adams, a fiery founder father with speech skillz that even Jefferson admired,  was a great letter-writer, and he and his wife exchanged hundreds of letters during their lifetime. This is a promotion of letter writing and the new mini-series by HBO*. I don’t know about you, but I know who is getting a card in the mail soon!

*If they shaft Alexander Hamiltion in this series, I am going to be annoyed.


March 19, 2008. Tags: , , . ravelry.


  1. Bonne Marie replied:

    Wow! Your *new* WPblog sure looks fine…

    Very nice. And nothings quite as nice as getting a letter in the mail! Email just doesn’t compare 🙂 don’t quite know why.

  2. friender replied:

    I love that new show about John Adams. We’ve watched every episode and I can’t get enough of it!

  3. Ren replied:

    thanks for the link to both the ravelry penpal group and the free john adams card! i went right over and signed up for mine. : )

    (p.s. i found you through the ravelry forums)

  4. andy replied:

    Hey, the more penpals the better. Good luck with keeping in touch 🙂

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