V-Necks and Other Stupid Things

I nearly gave myself a heart attack tonight, as I happily bound off the left front of my sweater, Basic Black. I had measured correctly, and the armhole should be approximately 8 inches deep. I hummed a little. How pleasant it is to behold the work of ones hands, I thought.

 Then, arranging my photoshoot for the blog, I noticed something…odd. I carefully compared my sweater back with my sweater front. I froze. A good full inch was missing from the front. I smoothed out both parts of the sweater, frantically attempting to make that inch appear. I had measured and measured, how could this be! I knew this was my first sweater, but why? Why must I be punished for the pain and suffering of this present world?


 I could easily undo the bind-off, I thought frantically, and I could just knit the shoulder strap an inch longer—but what if I had somehow missed an inch somewhere else, and I would have to unravel even more? I wept inwardly as I took some more photos. I would ask for advice, I thought, and pretend that I wasn’t friggin’ my tiny mind out.

 Then, I noticed something. I picked up the front piece and held it against my left side, smoothing out the curling stockinette. The entire time that I was knitting this front, I was wondering why the v-neck shaping seemed so short, (and it looked so deep in the picture) and the armhole was so deep—wouldn’t this sweater be awfully short, I pondered?

 The experienced knitters are laughing right now, and I laughed too when I realized my very simple mistake. I had been measuring 8 inches from where the neck shaping began, and NOT from where the arm-hole shaping did. All that I have to do is rip out the bind off (which will be simple, I didn’t knot it or anything) and knit a few more inches until the armhole actually does measure eight inches.  I hadn’t mismeasured or misknitted anything that couldn’t very easily be fixed.

My heart is still pounding a little, though.


March 19, 2008. Tags: , , . works-in-progress.


  1. Sarah replied:

    You had me stressing out for a minute! I’m glad that it is something that you can fix easily!

  2. Alarid replied:

    I totally went through that. The sweater went to my little sister, complete with a lumpy buttonband. She loves it. Good luck with yours!

  3. Susan replied:

    I am so happy you don’t have to rip out and reknit!!! I always feel “measuring impaired” when I’m trying to get things to line up…I think on the second piece of anything I try to rush it.

  4. Taueret replied:

    reading that gave me cold sweat. glad you worked it out.

  5. Michelle replied:

    Yikes! I’m glad it turned out okay. I had a bit of a problem with the pieces of my Ribby Cardi not measuring up like they should. All turned out well, but like you I worried about having to rip back…thank goodness that didn’t happen!

  6. frillbow replied:

    I can sympathise with the heart pounding thing. I’ve sickened myself somethimes with the mistakes I’ve made. The worst is when you think you’ve screwed up, and rip back before realising you actually hadn’t!

  7. knittyvritti replied:

    get used to it! there are a lot more mistakes you can/might/will probably make as a sweater knitter–hopefeully each one not more than once……and frillbow is dead on–stop and make sure it actually is a mistake–it’s hard to think straight when sickened.

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