Wishing You A Cynical Easter

 As we drove home from church, we hit a snag in traffice, and all the cars slowed down. We couldn’t see around the bend in the hill, so we all speculated as to why this was.

 “Maybe there was an accident,” one person said helpfully. (Yeah, that’s so insightful)

  Then, my little brother, says matter-of-factly, “They hit the Easter Bunny.”

 Happy Easter everyone.


March 23, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. ajrox92 replied:

    lol! They hit the Easter Bunny! hehe

  2. Doulton replied:

    I tagged you: check my latest post.

    Look at me trying to be youthful!

  3. sarahkatie replied:

    your brother must be a character.

  4. SpringPlum replied:

    Food for thought:
    If on Turkey Day we eat turkey; then why on Bunny Day, don’t we eat bunnies?
    Maybe your brother knows.

  5. TwilightOwl replied:

    I should not feel so amused at the increasing pragmatism of kids, but I am.
    That comment=FTW

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