Party 300: Teenage Knitters, Sponsors and Ravelry

 I don’t like to focus too many posts just on Ravelry, simply because I know that some people are not on the site yet, but I have such exciting news that I just can’t keep it in any longer. Teens Knit & Crochet is really my darling group; the first one that I have ever started, and one that is a continual reward to moderate. When I saw that we were only a few members away from 300 members, I knew that we had to celebrate.

 Here’s the problem: see my banner. See the broke part? That makes celebrating with real stuff, like, uh, yarn and good stuff difficult. Because I work hard enough to keep myself in yarn, let alone throwing yarn to the masses.

 That’s where the generosity of the craft community, Ravelry in paticular, comes in. You have to understand that I’m an independent person. I don’t like to ask for help. I don’t even like to admit that yes, possibly, I might need some help. My motto as a child was, ‘I do it self’ which didn’t reassure my parents, already terrified by my other favorite motto; ‘I have no fears.’ However, I bit the bullet, and asked how I could get some sponsorship for the party event. Right away, Jillie offered to dye some yarn for me—and I hadn’t even asked yet!

 After that, Susan, or Justkeepingknitting, offered to advise me if I needed more help. I knew that I needed a lot of advice, so I PMed her, and she wrote back, and I wrote out an official request for sponsorship, and posted it on the Yarnies group and on the Etsy sellers group–with moderator permission, of course!

 Well, I’ll skip the boring bits, and just list all the LOOT that the very generous and very fabulous members of the yarn community have offered for the Teen party!

 The drawing will be entirely random, and you must be a teenager to enter. You must post in the Official Party thread. The Official Party 300 thread will be opened this Saturday, and there will be a pre-party party in the Lingr chatroom, starting at 9:00 EST.

 The Unique Sheep is using their sportweight merino yarn, Footprints, as the base yarn for a colorway inspired by the partys theme–Spunk! I can’t wait to see what she comes up with.

 The Loopy Ewe is donating J. Knits sock yarn, and a pattern to go with it! The winner gets to pick their own favorite color. Thanks, Sheri!

Sonny and Shear is making a unique contribution—one that centers around the theme Spunk!—two skeins of Dream in Color baby laceweight yarn. One skein in the color Buter Peeps, and other in the color Into the Mystic. That’s 700 yards of Australian merino, yum. The laceweight will hopefully challenge two lucky members to try out their lace skills!

Jillie, who saw my frantic post asking for help, is also hand-dyeing some yarn for the group! First, she’s donating three skeins of Gianni, 120 yards each of worsted weight wool with some natural lanolin still in it! Secondly, we have Yasmine (I love that name!) 200 yards of hand dyed worsted weight cotton. Thanks so much, Jillie!

Oriri Draco Design is donating a skein of absolutely fabulous sock yarn–a merino, bamboo and nylon blend—called Lil Squish, in the Cherry colorway. Look at how shiny it is!

 Anushka, one of our own teen designers, is donating two copies of her brandnew and super cute hat pattern, Ava, at her blog Magic Fingers. You should also check out her latest post with her legwarmer pattern—trust me, it is really great.

 Ysolda Teague, one of my very own favorite designers of ALL TIME is donating a really fantastic prize. Whoever wins this prize gets to pick any pattern from her shop. I have to confess, I am really drooling over this one, but thankfully, impartial parties will be picking the winners and their prizes!

Ruth, from her etsy shop Spinning Doggies is donating a beautiful flaming colored project bag, to help keep your craft stuff together!

Stage Coach Yarns has donated not just one, but TWO prizes from their website. First, two skeins of merino yarn for socks or mittens, and two skeins of a merino-cotton blend that would make a nice hat! Winners get to choose their own colors!

 Bonnieshae, another teenage group member, has donated as well! First, a skein of Elsebeth Silky Wool that would make a great Branching out scarf for someone. Secondly, a skein of Artful Yarns Shakespeare, 135 yards of wooly goodness, along with a pair of 10.5 size needles. Some poor starving teen knitter will thank you, Bonnie!

 Foxyie, from her etsy shop Foxyie is donating two skeins of recycled wool that she has dyed herself, and two skeins of hand-dyed wool in great, boy-ee colors for the male members of the group, if they are entirely afraid of pink!

 All of these prizes are fabulous, every single one, and I was overwhelmed by the generosity that was showered on me, but I have to admit, I screamed like a little kid when Casey himself sent me a message to say that he and Jess also wanted to contribute to the party. They have pledged $30 of BobBucks for the coming Ravelry store. Neither BobBucks or the Ravelry store exist yet, but they will!

 Thank you, everyone. This is going to be an amazing party.


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  1. sarahkatie replied:

    That is all quite amazing. I had no idea the response was so big. Quite astounding I must say.

  2. spider replied:

    You are an incredible gal, Genuine! No wonder all those people rallied when you called! I can donate a copy of “KnitLit (too)” for the party if you’d like.

  3. Becky replied:

    Well done. Very well done!
    And there is nothing wrong in accepting help. In fact, I have found it a gift to to other recieve the help they offer sometimes…just a thought from an old lady knitter person.

  4. Chelsea replied:

    Great job Genuine!! I’m really looking forward to entering!! You did a great job with getting all of you’re sponsors! Greedy little me REALLY hopes I get something, lol.
    Have fun!

  5. Carrie replied:

    Way to go, Genuine! That is quite a list, and you’re quite the organizer!

  6. SweetP replied:

    How cool is that?? Well done, sounds like you are doing a fab job with your R group.

  7. Dava replied:

    Hey! I could donate a set of Crystal Palace size 0/2mm six-inch double points. Keep up the good work!

  8. Oriri replied:

    Thank you so much for a chance to be a part of such an enthusiastic group of knitters and crocheters!! And also thank you to ibunnysavetroy for her patience – it took me a bit longer than usual to get her package out due to moving, but it finally went out today! I hope you love Cherry, Sam!

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