Existential Crisis—and More Humble Realizations

I seriously need to take up coffee-drinking. Or something.

Remember the crisis? You know, my cardigan front was too short, now it’s too long?

It’s over. All I had to do was compare the back and the front once more and…crisis gone. I had simply mismeasured them. Maybe the fabric wrinkled or something.

This was Thursday, and so I immeaditely cast on the ribbing for the right front, because Something Important was happening. I was attending the knit night at my local yarn store, and I wanted to have something to knit with that looked vaguely important—a sweater!

 Overcome, I stuffed everything into my bag—the sweater back, the completed left front, my set of 3 four needles, the inch of ribbing I had done, an extra skein of silky wool in case I ran out, (and so I could wind it there, instead of by hand) my set of size 7 needles in case I finished the ribbing and wanted to keep knitting, and my special handmade notebook, even though I specifically took along some plain lined paper because my special handmade notebook is nearly full and I didn’t want to waste one precious page on some knitting notes.

 As you can see, I might be slightly more prepared than neccesary.

 I have to admit, I love my yarn store [Market Street Yarn & Crafts, if you’re ever visiting West Virginia] but I did feel slightly nervous when I bounced through the front door. The refuge of a good seat left on the stoughy black leather couch beckoned to this nervous teen. By the way, stoughy is a word that I just made up, it is pronounced “stow-fee”, and it is the only sound-word that I could imagine that describes the delicious feeling of sinking into a fat, slick leather couch. It is also the profile name of some Myspace user, but I swear that I made it up on the spot. 

 I lucked out that night—two other teenagers were there, one working on a ribbon yarn stole/shawl for her prom; the other crocheting a scarf of Doctor Who length.

 That last phrase might get me some weird hits, I just realized.

 Anyway, LeAnne, who works there, was also there, which was nice. LeAnne is my first resort when I am flustered and once more unable to settle on the perfect yarn for a project. She also happens to be very obliging about winding my yarn for me, even though I wished that I could save her the trouble. Probably she doesn’t want me to break it, ha. Wise woman.

That’s my attempt at yarn porn. It came out rather nicely, I think, but somehow I think that this picture fits that more, even though it’s much more badly taken.

If you see what I see in this picture, I swear to heaven it was unintentional. If you don’t, my lips are sealed, I refuse to explain.


Anyway, so I knitted my ribbing, LeAnne told us stories (gather ’round children, and you shall hear) and I managed to find a use for the sweater back (to show off) and I generally enjoyed myself. I also ogled some new cotton yarns that came in. I managed to avoid screwing up my ribbing—at least I’m that smart.

 However, I have managed to miscalculate when I should start binding off for the right armhole. I knit a few more rows than I should, so I will have to rip back some. Still, I have a good deal of my right front done, and I am very excited.

 See how it’s longer? I don’t care though—I’m making a sweater!

 But after writing about Doctor Who length, yarn porn and more, I’m beginning to wonder if poor ‘Stoughy’ is going to start getting some very odd hits…


Oh, God, I’m about to go insane. This sweater is insane. I’m going to burn it in a trash barrel. Will explain later.



April 7, 2008. Knittin' Porn, Teen Crafters, Tuesday Project Updates, works-in-progress.


  1. fireflykiwi replied:

    I hope you didn’t actually burn the sweater, not when you were so close to finishing it.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. knittyvritti replied:

    do they still teach people what a rorschach is? if so, i think you have made a new kind of rorschach test–the yarnschach test. and i don’t actually get what you see……..i mean, i think i don’t get it–but maybe….never mind

  3. ajrox92 replied:

    I can’t believe you and your yarnporn, Genuine! (And it’s kind of sad that I saw what you were talking about in that picture, although it took me a minute or two.) Don’t rip (or burn) the sweater! You’ve gotten so far on it! Not to mention that it would be a huge waste of silky wool. (Unless you plan on giving it away… *winkwink*!)

  4. Rae replied:

    You can never burn yarn its against the rules lol..from what I have read you are pretty far into this sweater don’t give up now you can do it..Yarn porn rocks lol I found you from Raverly group about blogging

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