Starting a Craft Blog: WhipUp Article

WhipUp has an interesting (and ancient) article on starting a craft blog. From my cursory search, there doesnt seem to be a lot of information about starting (or maintaining) your own craft blog, although I know plenty of crafty people who would like to have a blog, but don’t know where to start.

 Most blogs about blogging that I read are focused more on techy, business blogging, with an emphasis on making money through related ads. However, I don’t see a lot of information for craft bloggers on how they could possibly make money through ads.

 Comments? Questions? Ideas? I’d like to hear from you about this!


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  1. coffeebeanqueen replied:

    I have thought about starting a craft blog. With pictures of my crafts, materials and methods used, discoveries, etc.

    I would love to also be able to do some commission work on the cards and knitting projects I do.

    the main thing holding me back from even posting these things with regularity on my blog is a computer with VERY slow internet that makes pictures next to impossible to edit and load in a timely manner.

    but i will check out the article!


  2. cyclepromo replied:

    With a craft blog you likely could make some cash from certain affiliate programs. Commission Junction is big. You show ads that relate to your craft (if they have some advertisers for your craft).

    Also you could even make some cash by showing Ebay ads on your site. If someone clicked a listing on your site and than bought the item you make some cash. Same thing for Amazon and books. You can easily make sure only auctions or books related to your craft show up on your blog.

    Bottom line with a well established, decent traffic craft blog you could make some money every month.

    If you want more information post another comment and I’ll reply with some more info.

  3. Theresa replied:

    I just started blogging in January, 2 different blogs. I am using no methods for generating income from outside sources (yet) by using adwords, etc. My first objective of each of my blogs is to establish credibility, meet other crafters, and promote my website.
    The one I am having the most fun with is my Crafter BS blog.
    I get to vent, crab, complain, to hoot, holler, and howl. I think I have developed a good following for the short time I have been doing it. Come check out my blogs if you have a few spare minutes.
    Blogging is as addicting as my craft. LOL

  4. Jack Cola replied:

    The question that you need to ask is “Is your primary goal to make money or to inform readers about Craft?”

    Making money blogging is very difficult, and bloggers don’t really make an income from at least two years, and if they do it any earlier, they have put hundred, if not thoughts of hours in to write content for their blog and promoting it.

    I think you have picked a good niche to blog about. If you want some help, my website is mentioned in my name.

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