Softening into Spring

I don’t think that I realized how hard winter hit me this year. I was sick for several weeks at a time, and many times for a few days. But since the sunlight has been lengthening and weather’s been warming, I’m starting to feel like I’m coming alive again. Like I’m losing a tough winter skin and now I can feel.

 This became more apparent to me on the two-day trip up to Virginia (with the hotel from hell). White and pale, pale pink cherry blossoms are everywhere, and you soon get a dusting of petals on your shoulders if you stand anywhere near them. We stopped in an enormous Barnes and Noble—I carried the instructions for the sleeve for my sweater, and a neatly wound yarn cake, and both sets of needles. My right front is totally wonky, so I have set it aside and I’m working on the sleeves instead.

 I moved quickly. As any B&N fan knows, the comfy chairs–the fat, stoughy leather ones—always get snapped up fast, and once someone parks their bum there, they could be there for hours. I ran to the craft section, and I grabbed a copy of CrochetMe: 18 Designs to Fuel the Crochet Revolution, rode the escalator to the second floor, snagged a copy of the Friday Night Knitting Club, just because everyone keeps blathering about it, and I rushed towards the seats. Huge, shimmering windows open out into the world, and the best chairs face out there.

 SCORE! A huge snuggly chair was empty. I hurled myself into it, and immeaditely started to devour CrochetMe. Oh, my, goodness. If there was any book that could convince my older sister that crochet is cool, this book would be it. My crochet skills are sadly lacking, but I want this book so bad, I would learn skills just to make some of the patterns. The designer profiles are also lovely and chatty. All around, an extremely wonderful book.

 Slowly, stress that I didn’t even know that I had started to dissolve in the afternoon sunlight. I pulled my sleeve from the bag, and started to work on the 4 inches of ribbing I need to do. My yarn cake sat on the floor next to my feet, and I sank more deeply into the chair. Once or twice, I closed my eyes. I patted the half inch of knitting I had finished.

 I opened my eyes, and read a few paragraphs from the Friday Night Knitting Club. I giggled at the unlikely occurence of a total stranger asking a random knitter in Central Park to knit them a cashmere sweater. I knit some more. I giggled some more at the sterotypical single mom angst of the tale. I fell in love with the college student accosting the customers to ask them questions for her thesis.

 I shed off the winter gloom, and felt an utter, warm contentment loosen something in my chest.

 I knitted. I felt the sunlight on my skin.




April 13, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Chelsea replied:

    I’m so glad you like CrochetMe!! that book so so so so awesome!! I want to get that book for my cousin that I taught to crochet, for Christmas (I know, a long ways away)! Don’t forget, I’m always open to crochet questions!!

  2. MJ replied:

    You’re a poet and you didn’t know it 🙂

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