Using Twitter: What Is It And Why Should I Use It?

 OK, think blogging. But think blogging really, really fast.

 And, say, a few sentences at a time.

 That’s Twitter.

 Because of my innate desire to spread my adorably blathering self all over the internet, I absolutely had to sign up. I’m here, and if you would like to follow my twitters, go and check it out. If you’re on Twitter or have decided to sign up because of this post, please leave a comment. I’d love to see some more craft bloggers get into Twitter.

 Wait, wait, wait, you’re saying, why should I bother? Here’s 3 good reasons to sign up for Twitter.

 1. It’s brain-dead easy to keep your friends and readers updated with your life. Many people add a Twitter widget to their blog. I may do that, I may not.

 2. Many people report more traffic to their blogs through Twitter. You can add a link in your profile to your blog, and who doesn’t like a few more readers?

 3. Because I am going to post links to my pictures of the Ugliest Yarn in the World. I’m not joking people, this yarn is ugggggly. To make you more curious, it’s not even fun-fur. And it’s going to be exclusive to my Twitter updates, at least for a week. So if you’re dying to see it, just check out my twitters on 4/16/08.


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  1. princesspea replied:

    I just signed up this week too – maybe they’ve put something in the water? But I haven’t yet brought myself to use it. I was wondering if it was a generational thing, but I do know some ‘oldies’ who are on it…

  2. ari replied:

    I just joined and started following you – I’m ariatari like on the Rav! HOW EXCITING.

  3. Chelsea replied:

    I signed up cause you signed up, maybe I can get someone else to sign up! lol
    I’m not sure about using it, and I have some weirdo following me (so I think)

  4. jinniver replied:

    I’ve got no idea what I’m doing there, but I’m there. When did I become a blind follower?

    Oh, and I’m jinniver there, same as here and Ravelry.

  5. brouhahahaha replied:

    That is some ugly yarn, Genuine. Sigh. LOL

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