Hitting Bumps On My Tolkien Quest


 Lack of sock pictures courtesy of a pressed schedule and my lack of double A batteries. Sorry!

I have to admit, my quest to read through the Tolkien Trilogy is hitting some bumps. Like most of my projects, it begins with enthusiasm, life and zest-and also like most of my projects, it tends to get bogged down with other things.

 I am a chronic starter. Like many people with my personality, I get excited by ideas and information, by color and possibilities. Follow-through is *not* my strong point. Even in crafts I’ve had this problem. I started a teddy bear embroidery bib kit from Walmart for my first nephew.

 After the helpful little Xs got washed out, I kind of lost enthusiam for the project, even though I enjoyed making the dozens of colored stitches, and watching the face of the teddy slowly emerge.

 So, in early summer last year, when I decided to become a knitter-a real knitter, although my own ideas of what this mean were somewhat vague at that point- I firmly resolved that I would finish my projects.

 I haven’t had such bad luck. 3 completed pairs of socks, 1 hat, 1 handwarmer set, a gigantic striped garter stitch scarf, and a few dishcloths. I also have a sweater to finish, a single fingerless glove and two lonely, unmatched socks.

 I suppose that it was-is-important to me to have this success, this clearly material proof that I could finish something. That I…flighty me…could actually make something of myself. Pathological sounding, isn’t it? That same drive fueled my feverish typing–and for one week handwriting- a novel during NaNoWriMo, despite the fact that I was sick for the last two weeks of it.

 I finished the novel. And I have finished my first Tolkien House Sock.

 But I need to move on, away from Tom Bombadil and the Barrow Downs. And I’m stalled.

 Sometimes, being me is a complicated thing.


April 24, 2008. Tags: , . Tolkien Thursdays.


  1. Carat replied:

    I hope you stick to it, the books are well worth the time it takes to read them, just like the socks will be well worth the time to make them. Do you think it would help to have some others along for the journey?

    These babies could take some more lovin’

  2. Carat replied:

    I tried to post the picture, but it didn’t work here’s the link:


  3. The Antichef replied:

    You’re a better person than me if you can get through the Tolkien. 🙂

    It’s Kristina here… set up another new blog, anti-foodie that I am… sigh. I need to get a new job… bored at this one, obviously.

    Cheers… and happy reading (and knitting!)

  4. knittenkitten80 replied:

    Can I read the novel?? Please???

  5. kv replied:

    wow–how did you set things up so my contact info came up w/o my doing anything–in other words, how does your blog know it’s me????? and the secret to longevity—could it be pacing, pacing, pacing (as in doing a little at a time, not in walking back and forth across the room a lot)?

  6. Mary Ellen replied:

    I adore Tolkien, absolutely love him. And yet I still get bogged down with all the Tom Bombadil singing and prancing around. (I reread the trilogy about once a year or so, and I still skim those parts. That, and all the Elves singing.)

  7. gorlitsaknits replied:

    Don’t let Tom Bombadill get you down. Once you get through the first half of that book, the rest just flies. And remember, there is a reason they left most of that out of the movies — it’s not that critical to the plot, so if you were to just sorta miss a few dozen pages, you’d be just fine.

  8. rainin9 replied:

    I read Tolkein’s books and my last impression of him was pretty good. And don’t worry, I’m a chronic starter too. I got excited about making teddy bears and after I finished I got bored. And the endless possibilities of things that I can knit always gets me excited. But I can’t follow through unless I bring it along with me everywhere I go and it says, “HEY! KNIT ME ALREADY!” Hehe.

  9. jinniver replied:

    I got about halfway through the post and had to flip back to the top to make sure I hadn’t somehow wandered on to my own blog…yeah, I can relate. 🙂 The excitement of something new is just so intoxicating sometimes that it’s hard to ignore in favor of the old tried and true…or WIP. It’s funny–I’ve got favorite books that I can read again and again (and I have, despite the fact that there are some I can recite large chunks of from memory) and yet the idea of repeating the same stitches over and over again with the same yarn in the same pattern on the same project can leave me cold.

    I actually think Ravelry and my blog will help me there–even if no one is checking my projects page on the former or reading the latter, the fact that someone COULD often provides me with the impetus needed. I’ve also learned sometimes that I just have to let a project go. The small wallhanging I made in a free form applique quilting class was fun when I was experimenting in class with making the top…but I just don’t like it enough to finish. I’m happy with what I learned in class and the fun I had. Sometimes it’s not about a finished project, but about the journey.

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