New Yarn Line In Town: The Fluffy Enchanted Magical Unicorns of Organic Green Peace Tolerance And Yarn Named After Movie Characters So Even If The Yarn Is Butt-Ugly You Have To Buy It Because Who Can Resist A Yarn Called Captain Jack Sparrow?

Hmm, I think I may have covered most of my blog post in that title.

That’s your Snark Editorial for the weekend, peeps. Have fun (but not too much fun) without me! I’ll be back on Monday, and there’s some exciting stuff that will be going on this next week.


April 25, 2008. Tags: . Snark Editorial.

One Comment

  1. rhiannonrevolts replied:

    Proving my geek street cred still exists, I sorta yearn for that yarn.

    …what, no, I wasn’t totally planning to learn to dye so that I could have a yarn line. (TARDIS, anyone? Iorek? Red Shirts Go First?)

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