Knitting And Crochet Books On The Cheap

 I bought most of this books for $2-3 bucks, and the most I paid was $25 for the hat book. I was truly amazed at the great books that I found at some used book sales.

Poems of Color: Knitting In The Bohus Tradition. My eyes nearly fell out of my head when I spied this. Amazing deal on this expensive and sought after book. Just $2!

Fine and Fancifal Hats To Knit.  Paid $25 for this, since the people running the sale obviously recognized its worth. I love the humorous patterns, but this is mostly for me to swap or sell for yarn money. I need to support my habit.

 I love Rae Compton’s amazing historical books, just dense with information. Paid about $2 for this OOP treasure.

Everyday Crochet for $2. I need to work on my skills. There are some really cute patterns here.

A Treasury Of Crochet Patterns. It looks like the crochet equal of Barbara Walker’s knitting stitch treasuries. A obscure and little known resource. I wonder why.

Rowan: The Cork Collection. $1. There are some beautiful classic designs in this book. I was pleasantly surprised.

I’ve finally gotten my paws onto a copy of Knitting Without Tears for about $2.25.

Socks Soar On Two Circular Needles. I need to edumucate myself with this book. $2

Barbara Walker’s Learn To Knit Afghan book. It’s pretty much comprised of stitch patterns fitted into squares. Definitely a boon for a Walker fanatic.

I am thrilled beyond belief with this haul. Not pictured here are 2 issues of Interweave Knits (older issues, yum!) and 8 issues of Knitters, all just $1.


April 27, 2008. Knittin' Porn.


  1. Jen replied:

    Nice haul! When I started to really get into quilting, I picked up several older and out-of-print quilt books on eBay. I have done any of the patterns from those books, and it’s probable I never will. But they’re invaluable for the connection they give me to earlier generations of quilters and the inspiration of the classic patterns.

    Enjoy the socks on circs–I just took a class on it today and it turned out to be extremely easy once I learned the basics. And that’s coming from someone who never knit a real (as in, shaped with heels and toes and everything!) sock before today. My first sock is already finished! (Ok, it’s a baby sock, but the point is that I was able to do all the parts–from here on out, it’s just knitting more stitches; I understand the concept.) 🙂

  2. gorlitsaknits replied:

    Woah! My mother buys from book sales to re-sale on eBay and I tell her to get any and all knitting books she finds. Aside from Knitting from the Top, she hasn’t found anything nearly as good as what you have. Very jealous.

  3. Rineke replied:

    wow you did good! You must feel blissful.

  4. Dava replied:

    Me heart is thick with envy.

  5. Kaya replied:

    Darn. I really need to start buying some books too. If you sell anything on ebay, lemme know – I’ll be willing to buy if I have the money. Right now I have about five bucks stashed upstairs somewhere. Heeeheee. xD

  6. Magatha replied:

    Excellent haul! I’ve never seen that printing of Knitting without tears. I love to look through old knitting books and mags.

  7. kv replied:

    i’ll just add my green and envious sigh to the collective……

  8. Chelsea replied:

    Oh.My. You are a knitter after my own heart!! Everday crochet is one of my FAVORITE books!! But, Doris Chan is a great designer. Congrats on your marvalous find!!

  9. Sonia Simone replied:

    That’s the edition of Knitting W/O Tears that I have. I love that book. I love everything EZ ever did.

    The Bohus stuff is fun to knit, too.

  10. Helen replied:

    Okay, okay. You’re right. I have to hit used book sales again.
    I miss them….

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