Exciting News For Lumpy Sweater Readers!

  I’ve always wondered what I had to offer.

 I’m no designer. Not yet anyway-and with my current skills, you’re not going to be seeing me on the front of Interweave Knits anytime soon.

 I’m not an expert knitter, either, as the title of this blog testifies. I am currently knitting a rather lumpy sweater. It’s not horrible, but it’s no Alice Starmore creation with my own special tweaks or anything.

 In fact, it almost seems to me that I have very little to give the knitting community. Not in the typical sense, anyway. So, I blog, I knit, and that’s that.

 However, I think that the knitting community has proved me wrong. After I posted a rather off-hand, humorous blog post last Wednesday, The Sacraments Of Knitting: A Simple Tract, something…well, something special happened.

 Comments started to flow. Rabbi David Kominsky left a comment, and a link to his own humorous post about religion and knitting. Reverend Deb said that her new knitting group was making daily knitting converts—something any pastor of any religion might envy!

 Then Dava nearly gave me a heart attack (when I saw my hit rate!) when she linked to me on Ravelry, adding a kind comment about my post. People added their own insight and comments there, and then CarmaFrancie chimed in to say,

  •  “Honestly, you should get this to a graphic designer and have it made up into a microbook. Would you mind if I did, given the proper credit to you and your blog?”

 Mind? Mind! I sent her a message right away, and after some back and forth, I’ve got some exciting news.

 “Knitting: A Simple Tract For The Curious”  will be available as a free PDF download from The Lumpy Sweater! It will be my first free download ever!

 The format will be simple, and the content will be aimed at non-knitters, those who haven’t yet converted to the art and craft of knitting. Gentle humor may be included. It will be revised and expanded from the original.

 As soon as I am finished writing up and revising the material, Carma and I will smooth out any wrinkles, and I hope to have it available (barring any mishaps or life events) by the end of May.

  Because of the very organic way that this tract has come about, I welcome suggestions for the tract, comments and more from anyone and everyone. You can leave a comment here or email me at genuine_lye AT yahoo DOT com.

 I look forward to hearing from you!



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  1. Kaessa replied:

    Nice! Looking forward to seeing the finished project. I know several of my friends who will love this. 🙂

  2. Kaya replied:


  3. Meredith replied:

    I was one of those who read your “Sacraments” via the link on Ravelry and immediately became a Lumpy Sweater Convert…errrmmm RSS subscriber (btw, I’m in Rev Deb’s new knitting group). I look forward with great pleasure to your forthcoming publication.

    Your friend in Knitting,



  4. Ren replied:

    how exciting! congratulations. : )

  5. Rev Deb replied:

    Jumping Up and Down! for you. This is such a clever and useful tract. ‘Wanna join my church and do the same for it? Just joking.

    Looking forward to the “published” piece. Congrats.

  6. Chelsea replied:

    GENUINE!!! That is SO COOL! Congratulations! Congratulations, and Congratulations some more!!

    I’ll be first in line to get it =)

  7. MJ replied:

    Congrats! 🙂

  8. knittenkitten80 replied:

    I am, like, sooo proud of you!!!! You’ll soon be the chick tracts of knitting. A series would be cool, then you could collate and make a book, and then you could have signings, and………………uh………..sorry

  9. Jen replied:

    Jess and Casey are our goddess and god, and Genuine is their prophet…

    Hysterical. Absolutely hysterical. Congrats! And do you read This Week in Ravelry? The latest article references that Ravelry post, so even people who don’t normally visit the forums might be reading that post…and then coming here. Hope your stat meter can count that high!

  10. brouhahahaha replied:

    Wonderful!!!! Will you sign a copy of your book for me in future? :- )

  11. Sensible Sermons From Munchkins « The Lumpy Sweater replied:

    […] Filed under Snark Editorial, works-in-progress  I spent a good chunk of Memorial Day working on my knitting tract.  I wrote, paused and edited. Writing is something that always takes time for me, but at least I […]

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