One Pink T On The Rocks

 It’s official, I am addicted to knitting with Sublime cotton. I have completely finished the back, and I’ve started on the front.

 Whenever someone asks a question about it, I always force them to feel how soft it is. Invariably their mouths form an O of surprise as they do so.

 The front is knitted just like the back until the armholes, so I am in a pleasant zen of peaceful, unthinking stockinette.

Now, on to the other KAL participants.

  1. Michelle is making good progress on her t-shirt. Can I repeat how much I love the color that she’s chosen? I really love the color that she’s chosen.
  2. Jen has the cutest, sunniest little t-shirt ever, making me slightly regretful that I am knitting my t-shirt in just one color!

 Summer is rapidly approaching, and so is Knit in Public Day (June 14) so I am wishfully hoping to finish the t-shirt AND my knitting tract before then—the knitting tract will be done by then, definitely. It would be very cool to know that other people knitting in public were handing out pamphlets detailing the good news of knitting.


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The Council of Elrond…or LeAnne.

tolkien Thursdays are a sacred day for many knitters in this area. Today, my local yarn store, Market Street Yarn & Crafts, holds an informal knit night, and stays open until 7:30. Since recovering from last week’s cold, I determined to attend. Coincidentally, I am also in the thick of reading about the Council of Elrond in my quest to read the entire Tolkien trilogy.

 Now, in the book, everyone comes to Rivendell because they know that Elrond is a wise person who can counsel them about many things. Boromir has a bad dream and wants to talk about it. Legolas has come to report a missing Gollum. The hobbits have some jewelry to pawn. The point is, without Elrond, there really would be no Rivendell—because he really is the soul of the valley.

 Tonight, at the council of yarn, Elrond attended, but not the way that you think. Our Elrond is actually named Leanne, and she is not an ancient and mysterious elf of old. However, she is immensely wise in the ways of yarn, knitting and other mysterious rituals, and she works at the store. In fact, she initiated me into a special rite this evening—spinning.

 First, she showed me the spinning wheel and kindly attempted to show me how to spin a little bit. Unfortunately, I pumped too slow or too fast, sending the wheel spinning in the opposite direction or (most often) it would simply stop. I had no idea what to do with the white fluff that I was holding.

 Leanne is not alone in her skills and she asked Jamie (currently designing a website for the store) to show me how to use a drop spindle. Before I go any further, I have to make a confession: the reason for this impromptu spinning lesson is because I confessed to the entire council that I had bought roving. Without a spindle or wheel or the faintest idea of how to spin, I bought roving. Molly is a teenage friend on Ravelry, and she sent me two sets of beautiful stitch markers for no reason. That’s right. Just because she wanted to be nice. Her blog is here and her etsy shop is here.

 To make a long story short, she also posted a 15% off coupon for any members of the teen group on Ravelry—she was selling 4 ozs of hand-dyed roving and I fell down HARD. I am saving up pictures of the roving and the stitch markers until the roving arrives.

 Feeling bad for this ignorant person, Jamie kindly instructed me, using a store spindle and roving and this is the result.

 Yes, that disgusting, lumpy mess is yarn that I spun—from Cormo roving, I think. This means that I am both exulted and afraid—exulted because now I have a small idea of how spinning works, and afraid that I will totally screw up my beautiful roving when it arrives. A beginner spinning class starts next month, and if I can manage the $75 fee (which includes 10 ounces of roving and other stuff) then I am so in. Whether or not I can attend the class, I have the feeling that I am going to be sucked into spinning, slowly but surely.

 This store is definitely a trap for spinners.

Oh my GOD I want that Devon roving hanging from the door. The entire store is a trap for anyone who doesn’t want to spend money. I mean, LOOK at this next picture. This is pure evil.

The portal of doom.

The twin yarn walls of temptation.

Even weavers are not safe here.

 Jamie is the girl putting a finger to her mouth, Leanne is sitting next to her, and I forgot the name of the woman wearing the striped shirt because I am a fool. We may be smaller than the council of Elrond, but we’re still pretty cool. I think.

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Post Rain Poetry

After a quick, breathless rain
the world is full of space and empty
places that the water washed away

Tumbled stone, bright-faced
grass, inexplicable silences.
A ditch runs like a vein through our yard
gushing brown water and clumps of rotten grass
onto the street, and dead worms.

Their pale, waterbloated bodies drift aimless
catching at the tiniest rough spot in the concrete
waving like seaweed, or hands

I’ve tried to save the few that (more determined, more lucky)
still strain to crawl from the flood that to them
must seem endless

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Sensible Sermons From Munchkins

 I spent a good chunk of Memorial Day working on my knitting tract.  I wrote, paused and edited. Writing is something that always takes time for me, but at least I wasn’t trying to write a poem. It’s not that I can’t write poetry, but I tend to obsess over the tiniest changes when I’m writing a poem. At least prose flows more swiftly.

 It’s not finished, but I feel good about the work that I’ve gotten done. However, at church this Sunday, it became very guilt-inducing when I took my knitting to church–my new knitting, my pink cotton t-shirt. Over and over, this question was asked.

 “So, have you finished that orange sweater?”

 This is compounded by the fact that this is usually asked by serious faced children under 10 years of age. I hid my shame behind pale pink cotton. I’ve also started the front of my t-shirt, and the idea of knitting a t-shirt seemed novel to many people.

 “I don’t think that is going to fit you,” said one blond-haired munchkin with a heavily freckled face.

 “Sure it is,” I said confidently, throwing another loop of cotton around and lifting the new stitch onto my left needle, “I’m making the right size.”

 “I really don’t think that’s going to fit you,” she insisted, a kind of pity in her voice, as if she felt bad that I was so deluded. I glanced down at my figure, wondering if I had suddenly gained weight. Nope.

 “Oh!” I said, suddenly realizing why she was so doubtful, “This is just the front; there’s an entire back that I’ve already finished.”

 She laughed, obviously relieved that I wasn’t completely crazy.

 “I thought that you were going to try to wrap that—” she pointed at my knitting, “—around your whole self.”

 I had to admit, her adamant statements did make sense if she thought that I was going to try to wrap a rectangle 18 inches wide around my torso. I laughed in some relief, and patted my stomach. Yes, still my normal stomach, nothing changed about it.

 However, I have resumed work on my orange sweater!

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It’s Not Yarn Porn! It’s Yarn Love!

 Friday is perhaps the best day of the week. It’s even better this week, because not only was I looking forward to Saturday and Sunday, but also today, Memorial Day. I will call my grandfather, a World War 2 vet, and I will probably write a rotten poem about war.

 Most of the weekend has consisted of me

  • swimming (in our ice-cold pool)
  • tanning (after getting OUT of the ice-cold pool
  • knitting my t-shirt
  • ignoring what came in the mail on Friday

  What made Friday such a great day was a fat little package in the mail. In Monday’s post, I complained about not getting my Yarn Love? Well, this was it, and I ripped into it, hands shaking a little.


 The package was lovely. Chocolate brown paper lovingly wrapped around a prewound yarn cake—thanks, Kate, that was super thoughtful of you. I don’t have a winder of my own.

Spunky is a great name for this colorway, but the word vibrant also comes to mind. Vibrant and somehow tropical, like the jungle. Very fresh and perfect for summer.


 I get all melty just looking at the pictures. However, Kate sent a little extra, something that she didn’t have to do, but she did, and since I’ve primarily been using rubber bands as stitch markers? This was a really nice touch.

6 beautifully crafted stitch markers. My personal favorite are the two in the middle, but they’re all amazing.

Thanks, Kate, this package is absolutely lovely. Best prize ever, in the whole world. Made me a Yarn Love fan for life!

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The Face Of The Lumpy Sweater: Hi, World!

 I’m kinda shy. So I started my personal photo-shoot by hiding my face with Gretel, one of my all time favorite patterns.


Suddenly, I am resigned to the fact that a 17 year old is probably always going to have some skin issues. I put on the hat.


Suddenly, I realize…

with my hat on, I can do anything!


 Happy weekend, ladies and gents.

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Did I Overreact?

Maybe I’m just jaded.

Or maybe I’ve seen too many discussions about copyright go awry.

But a day ago, someone posted this question on Ravelry.

  •  I belong to a website in which you can feature your art. I consider my knitting my art; but I do not usually do my own designs. More than likely; it is a pattern I have adapted slightly. I was wondering if it would be “against the rules” to post it and claim it as my own if I site the designer and where I found the pattern. What do you guys think?

Nothing is wrong with that question. In fact, it’s perfectly legitimate. But somehow, a looming vision of doom came before my eyes like a darkling mist…old threads looming out of the past, mocking me with their pointless and endless existence.

Anything about copyright. Anything about “Ravelry rules” or designs, or anything. All spiral into thousands of posts. The cycle runs like this: copyright question, reasoned discussion, heated discussion, crazy-white-hot-anger discussion, cake. Repeat.

So I posted a reasoned and logical response.

Or not.

  • DIE, evil thread of potential b!tching and copyright crapola!

    Take thee and thy spawn to beyond the grave to the fires of hell, FROM WHENCE YOU CAME!!!

    ETA: Nothing against the OP. I just see darker forces (not her) that could work havoc about this topic.

So far, there have been only 10 posts on the thread, 2 of which are mine. My curse blessing invocation seems to have warded off the evil.

 That, or The Crazy Person just scared everyone away!

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Nothing But A T-Shirt KAL Update! Pictures!


Time for a NBAT update, with pictures from me and the other participants!

Look at that lovely, nipped in waist. I am definitely feeling the urge to just tape my nearly-completed back onto my body so I can run around the neighborhood, shouting, “Hey, look, it’s part of t-shirt!” Also, the contrast between soft, silky pink cotton and harsh, pebbly concrete is a quite sensous image, I think.

See? I just have to knit the arm..strap..things. However, I am considering that I will rip back this row, and instead of binding off the stitches for the neck, I will leave them ‘live’ on a stitch holder. Maggie Righetti, who wrote the venerable book, Knitting In Plain English, seems to think that this is a good idea.

 Remember when I bragged about my hem? Now you can see it!

 I like this hem so much that next time that I knit socks (I have some Plymouth Sockotta, a nice cotton blend that should make nice summer footies) I may use that as the edge, instead of ribbing.

 Now, time for the other KAL participants to show off their stuff!


  •  Michelle is (gasp!) using the recommended yarn for her t-shirt, Rowan Calmer! She’s chosen a lovely calm blue color with white for edging—go and check it out!

 I am so pleased with this pattern that I could kiss the designer, if one could kiss people through computer screens. Maybe she’s lucky that we can’t. However, as the weather continues to warm (with spurts of heavy rain inbetween) wild life has gone wild around here. I leave as proof a picture of the bush outside my window. It’s scary.



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Good Things Happen In Bundles

  Sometimes, you just have rotton days. And then a bundle of nice stuff happens all at once.

 Since I didn’t have all the money that I needed for the yarn for my Nothing But A T-Shirt, I bought 3 balls and LeAnne, my darling yarn-pusher, stuck the rest in a bag and has patiently waited for me to come back for the rest. With a recent windfall (not telling!) I will be able to

  • buy the rest of the yarn sometime this week or early next week
  • have enough left over for a few skeins of something!

 I also got in touch with Kate, of YarnLove and she says that the skein of sportweight sock merino that I won (from a Ravelry party that I hosted) should reach me this week! She specially dyed it with young knitters in mind, and there are pictures here, here and here.

 ALSO, I have my fingers crossed that a trade that I am hoping to go through will happen—I offered to swap my slightly used copy of Poems of Color for two skeins of Socks that Rock. I have fallen in love with the Raven clan, and the two colors that I want are Grawk and Thraven. I have a specific purpose in mind, and these two seem to suit them the best. OK, I’ll fess up. After the inspiring example at Jesh’s blog and at the multi-talented Anushka’s blog, I am timidly considering designing something myself. Now, I have a really cool idea, but I’m not sure if I can pull it off. We’ll see.

 The nicest thing about all these nice things is that they happened when I was feeling slightly discouraged about my knitting. I see blogs that post picture after picture of perfect (and completed!) projects. I know that I’ve not even been knitting for a year but the inferiority complex still insists on cropping up.

 So, I’m in a pleasant glow, and feeling much better from my horrid cold. In fact, I will end this post with a poem by Robert Browning. A poem that I have always hated (come on, morning is NOT at seven!) but seems to sum up my feelings anyway

The year’s at the spring
And day’s at the morn;
Morning’s at seven;
The hillside’s dew-pearled;

The lark’s on the wing;
The snail’s on the thorn;
God’s in his heaven–
All’s right with the world!

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10 Questions I Demand Be Answered

A short letter to the Knitting Godz.

      Dear Sirs, 

  •  What is the difference between sale yarn and clearance yarn, and why do you have these as seperate categories on your website?


  • Is there anyone else who doesn’t think that bulky yarn is of the devil?


  • Why do I forgot to SSK at the the beginning of the row and K2TOG at the end of the row when I’m trying to so hard not to screw up my first sweater?


  • Could you stoop your divine skills to help me choose a great pattern for that skein of Cascade Chunky Baby Alpaca that I have knit and unwound so many times it should rightfully be called Cascade Chunky Fuzz?


  • Why is hasn’t my specially dyed sock yarn prize from Yarn Love come yet?


  • Isn’t my dog supposed to be a carnivore? Because he keeps taking bits of my baked potatoe and hiding them so he can eat them later.


  •  Is there a Knitting Hell?


  •  If so, does it exist in reality, or just in someone’s head? Would everyone be forced to knit with acrylic, or would RedHeart Junkies be given cashmere?


  • Is blasphemy (or letter writing like this) going to get me into Knitting Hell?


  • Do you have my address? If not, email me, and you can direct those boxes of cashmere and merino wool straight to my front door…yes, right there is fine.

 Your Loving & Adoring Friend,


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