Summer Knitting: Coke & Cotton

 Ah, the bliss of an ice cold Diet Coke on a hot spring day.

With the weather warming up, I’m starting to feel a definite itch to knit something summery. Short-sleeved, in cotton. I’m trying to concentrate on finishing Basic Black. I have finished, to date

  • the back
  • both sleeves
  • the left front
  • part of the right front (later I found that I was actually knitting a 3rd sleeve. AGH! Need to read directions more carefully)

 So, I was working on the right front, but the outdoors was calling to me. Even Saxon (my dog) seemed bored with my current project.

Yup, he’s bored.

 So I grabbed my knitting and headed outside, inwardly longing for cotton, for graceful, body-skimming knits with shorter sleeves and cheerful colors.

Unfortunately, I was distracted.

 Can you blame me?

 Also, a short dialogue occurred between me and the family patriarch. After the sun set, my dad and I had to retrieve some things from the shed in our backyard. Since it was only cool, not chilly, I didn’t bother to throw on a jacket or anything.

Dad: (dourly) Why do you have your bare feet on?

Me: Because it’s hard to take them off!

Dad: (dour silence)

 After initially deciding that I didn’t care for much in this spring’s Interweave Knits issue, I’ve recently been drawn back to the Printed Silk Cardigan. It’s cute, modish, and I think it would look very nice in the yarn I have in mind-Sublime Organic Cotton DK. I’m aiming to hit my LYS soon, and check out the colors. A pale pink would be cute, and I am certainly in no position to be knitting anything out of pure silk! Besides, the idea of using something organic is appealing.

 Organic can also be snotty, as the saying on a organic cotton T at Walmart (yeah, shoot me) proved.

 Save energy. Don’t talk to me.



May 4, 2008. Knittin' Porn, works-in-progress.

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  1. Cass replied:

    Nice pics.

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