Nothing But A T-Shirt Knit-A-Long

 It’s official. I’ve never felt this good knitting nothing but a t-shirt.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.


Picture shown again, just because its sooooo pretty!

 And, since my post yesterday, both Jen and Michelle have expressed interest in knitting this pattern as well! Michelle began this a couple years ago, but never finished. Jen was simply looking for a pattern along these lines, and I’ve invited both to knit a long with me! Jen says, sure, and I’m waiting to hear from Michelle!

 If you are interested in a Nothing But A T-Shirt KAL, then leave a comment here, or email me at genuine_lye AT yahoo DOT com. The original KAL ended ages ago, but this pattern is so cute, I think it deserves another one!

 This is the first time that I have done a folded over stockinette hem–to clarify, this is how it goes. You cast on X number of stitches, then knit 6 rows of stockinette. Then, you knit a row that should be purled. This creates a garter stitch ridge across the the front of your neat stockinette. Then, you knit another 6 rows of stockinette, and then you do something really weird.

 You’re on a knit row. You pick up the cast on edge, and you knit a stitch from the cast on edge, together with the live stitch on your needle. TechKnitting  has some awesome tutorials. I’ve never done this before, and I screwed up the first time.

 I’m not even sure that I did it the ‘right’ way, but it was the expedient way. It worked, in plain English, and it’s made a smooth, neat, non-rolling edge. TechKnitting claims that this type of edging tends to roll or flip, but I think the unelastic nature of cotton is making this hang smoothly down.

 Also, my hands are aching. Because I am…(drum roll) on a knitting jag. I love this pattern, I love this yarn, and I can’t stop. It feels so right, even though I know it’s so wrong…

 Later Note: Pictures are not included here, because they are out-dated. Why? Because I’m on a knitting jag. I love this organic silky feeling yarn. I love the idea of a cute pink organic t-shirt. Looove.

 My hands are still hurting, but I don’t care.



May 7, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. kv replied:

    bravo on tackling new techniques. soon you will have to change the name of the blog to “the not lumpy sweater”…….

  2. jinniver replied:

    Okay, I’ve picked out my yarn. Of course, neither knits up to the required gauge, and the pattern won’t fit me so I have to make just a few modifications…but I have my yarn!

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