Knitting Is Like…

 My older (non-knitting) brother is one of the few family members that understands me when I blather about blog talk. His eyes don’t glaze over when I talk about statistics, feed subscribers and more. All that good stuff that bores most of the population to tears. That earns him a big gold star from he.

 He also seems vaguely amused by my knitting hobby and whenever we meet up (he’s out of college and isn’t in the house) he’s started a new game. He’ll say, “Knitting is like fine chocolate,” and I have to respond with the reason, such as, “Because it’s delicious and potentially fattening.”

 That’s a hypothetical question, but since he’s currently snuggled on the couch opposite me, I am going to make him give me a question. So he sighs, thinks for a minute and his comparison is “Knitting is like a newborn baby.”

My answer is, “Knitting is like a newborn baby because sometimes you have to coddle it and coddle it but it won’t shut up anyway.”

 Why do you think knitting is like a newborn baby? Most creative answer gets a great big virtual kiss from my big brother. But not really. He doesn’t know about that part. But he is cute in that modern scruffy kind of way (and according to women other than his sisters!) so that’s a plus.


May 9, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Michelle replied:

    Knitting is like a newborn baby because although you think you might damage it irreparably, the chances of that are actually pretty slim. Babies, like yarn, are suprisingly resilient.

  2. jinniver replied:

    Knitting is like a newborn baby because…

    …sometimes you need help, and you have to be willing to ask for it–there are people out there who’d love to give you the benefit of their experience, or even do a little bit of it for you.

    …at every change, you find yourself wondering, “Is this NORMAL?” but you’re embarassed to ask the expert what might be a dumb question so you muddle on alone.

    …sometimes you have to accept that nothing you do is going to work, so you just have to let the tears fall for awhile.

    …contrary to the popular myth, it’s not always love at first sight. Sometimes you have to work on it for awhile, but the bonding will come.

  3. Sue replied:

    Knitting is like a newborn baby because it can sometimes keep you up at night. My stash is also like a baby that keeps saying “Knit me. Knit me.” When will it ever stop.

  4. Merenwen replied:

    …Because the smell of the yarn is nice, much like how people find the smell of a newborn’s head nice?

  5. Rev Deb replied:

    —because you’re responsible for how it turns out, even if it’s not to your liking.

  6. gorlitsaknits replied:

    …because, no matter what your prior experience, not matter how much you read, plan, prepare or pray, in the end you have absolutely no idea what you are getting yourself into.

  7. knittenkitten80 replied:

    …because babies,like a new and lusted for yarn, can never be squeezed and fondled too much. (fondled,not in a creepy Dateline kinda way.)

  8. Chelsea replied:

    Knitting is like a newborn baby because you love to spoil it soooo much…buying it lots of high quality, name brand yarns, the best needles, and patterns that suit and flatter it better than anything else.

    That is my reasoning.

    Have a good day =))

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