Dream Analysis & Book Destash

 Analyzing dreams isn’t something that I tend to do, especially since my dreams tend to be odd ones. I can sort some of them into categories and track them down to their source, but some are just plain weird. For instance, last night.

Dreamself: Look, a huge and threatening approaching storm. Must be because of all that rain on Sunday and the nasty weather on Monday. Oooh, look, the clouds are dissolving into rainbows! I love dreams.

 Hey…now I’m Queen Elizabeth the first, and I am her teenage self. And…I’m living with my aunt? And what the heck am I baking? Muffins or rolls or what?

Dream Aunt: Hey, you messed up one of the muffins/rolls/pastries.

Dreamself: Yeah, stupid, and the rest are freaking fabulous. Take that!

I proceeded to smash and mangle those beautiful shiny rolls, much to the dismay of my Aunt who apparently sells baked goods, grabbed a few for myself, and took off through the back door. Once outside and away, I slowed down and ate the rolls, which were delicious and full of jam.

 I hate jam and jelly-filled things in real life. Why would I be devouring them in my dreams?

 On a slightly more interesting note, I have had way more luck than I deserve–I found another copy of Poems of Color, although it is slightly more worn than the first one. It’s a bit bent, like it got stored incorrectly or something, with some dings on the page edges. Since I don’t really need two copies, I’d be willing to swap a copy for yarn, maybe this stuff. Or anything, really. If you’re interested and think you have something that I might like, you can get in touch through a comment, through my profile at Ravelry or through my email, genuine_lye AT yahoo DOT com.


May 13, 2008. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. Chelsea replied:

    awwww, how come you get all of the good finds?? lol, guess that’s because I’m imobilized at the moment…no money and no transportation, and NO ROOM!! lol. Guess I’d better weed through a stash or two…

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