Loch Ness Monster Knitting: T-Shirt KAL

 My latest project is very like the Loch Ness monster: much discussed, but seldom photographed. A battery-sucking camera and lack of fresh double A batteries have conspired to hide the truth of its existence, but you have my word that it does. The goverment is just trying to hide the fact that I can knit like a demon when I’m enthusiastic about a project.

 In fact, my Nothing But A T-Shirt   has a nearly completed back! I have knitted inches and inches of pale pink organic cotton fabric, have breezed past the armholes, and am just beginning the shoulder strap…things. I am knitting it at 5.5 stitches per inch, rather than 4.75 stitchers per inch, and I am cautiously optimistic at this point, since it seems fairly human-sized at this point.

  •  Jinniver, who is participating in the somewhat informal NBAT knit-a-long is also modifying her pattern, and you can see a sketch of her calculations as she resizes the pattern at her blog, Sarah Winchester of Fiber Arts.
  • Michelle is officially reviving her attempts to knit this pattern, as she started one a couple years ago. Pestering attempts from a sister have reinspired here, at her blog.

 What, you say? No proof? No pictures of newly purchased yarn or even a few scant inches of knitting to show that this KAL is even occuring?

 It’s the goverment, I tell you. They’ve got their hands in everything.


May 13, 2008. Tags: . Nothing But A T-Shirt KAL, Tuesday Project Updates, works-in-progress.

One Comment

  1. jinniver replied:

    You do realize, don’t you, that it’s going to be kinda sad if I get pictures up on my blog before you do on yours? Especially since I have finished exactly one knitted hem? 🙂

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