Sore Throats & Alcohol

 The current time is 2:23 AM, Eastern Standard Time. I should be asleep.

 However, I woke up this morning with a seriously sore throat. Gradually, this sore throat has progressed to chills, fever, fever and chills, etc.

 About an hour and a half ago, I snarfled a tablespoon of NyQuil. Oddly, while this seems to have dealt with the fever and the chills, I am more awake than I have been all day.

 There’s a reason that I took only 1 tablespoon of NyQuil, and not the adult dose. See, a few months ago, I woke up, aching and hurting and cramping. Ah, the glories of womanhood. Normally, I avoid taking medicene frequently, however this time, I grabbed that handy little plastic cup they stick on the top of the bottle and measured out the 2 full tablespoons of dark green liquid. Glug.

 I shuffled back to the bed. Half an hour later, I was in dreamland.

 Hours later, I was still in dreamland, and it was around 12 noon the next day.

 “You slept in a lot!” says unsuspecting family member.

 “No joking, you friggin’ idiot son of a fish-squirrel,” I replied civilly.

 This became my standard response to anything that was said to me that day, as I shuffled about in an sleepy haze. Finally, my dear sweet father, obviously concerned that his darling daughter was alternately screaming at people and laying down on any available soft surface, called me aside.

 “How much NyQuil did you take?” he asked.

 “Just two tablespoons,” I said defensively, “Like the bottle said. Idiot.”

 “Well,” he said, obviously searching for some reason for my behavior (other than that his daughter is a jerk) “I think that you’re hungover.”

 Seriously? Hungover? NyQuil? I giggled, and then collapsed on my sister’s bed and slept until 5 that evening.  Oops.

 So now you know why I only take 1 tablespoon of NyQuil at a time, and why I am currently awake. Because I’m only 17.

 4 years until I can relive the joys of a hangover.


May 16, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Kaya replied:

    Gasp – you got drunk off of NyQuil?! You should have taken the pill, it’s prolly easier. xD Lol..

  2. knittenkitten80 replied:

    Geez Barb, that’s quite the reaction LOL

  3. jinniver replied:

    Don’t feel bad–my 30-something husband doesn’t always handle post-Nyquil days well, if he doesn’t get a full night’s sleep before waking up.

  4. Dava replied:

    You might have slept a lot because you needed it. If you have a fever, you wear your body out faster and you sleep to recover. I feel for you, girl; I’ve been sick for the last three weeks.

    I wonder if there’s a knitter’s plague going around.

    Feel better!

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    […] the real kind of porn. Naked ladies and all that stuff. My dad (who was briefly mentioned in the Nyquil story) is waging an all out war on any possible porn. This means […]

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