Nothing But A T-Shirt KAL Update! Pictures!


Time for a NBAT update, with pictures from me and the other participants!

Look at that lovely, nipped in waist. I am definitely feeling the urge to just tape my nearly-completed back onto my body so I can run around the neighborhood, shouting, “Hey, look, it’s part of t-shirt!” Also, the contrast between soft, silky pink cotton and harsh, pebbly concrete is a quite sensous image, I think.

See? I just have to knit the arm..strap..things. However, I am considering that I will rip back this row, and instead of binding off the stitches for the neck, I will leave them ‘live’ on a stitch holder. Maggie Righetti, who wrote the venerable book, Knitting In Plain English, seems to think that this is a good idea.

 Remember when I bragged about my hem? Now you can see it!

 I like this hem so much that next time that I knit socks (I have some Plymouth Sockotta, a nice cotton blend that should make nice summer footies) I may use that as the edge, instead of ribbing.

 Now, time for the other KAL participants to show off their stuff!


  •  Michelle is (gasp!) using the recommended yarn for her t-shirt, Rowan Calmer! She’s chosen a lovely calm blue color with white for edging—go and check it out!

 I am so pleased with this pattern that I could kiss the designer, if one could kiss people through computer screens. Maybe she’s lucky that we can’t. However, as the weather continues to warm (with spurts of heavy rain inbetween) wild life has gone wild around here. I leave as proof a picture of the bush outside my window. It’s scary.




May 20, 2008. Tags: . Knittin' Porn, Nothing But A T-Shirt KAL.


  1. Jen replied:

    Glad you found the post about my husband’s shirts enjoyable (or at least, noteworthy). Steve would like me to point out that they’re not exactly t-shirts. Man is a little protective of those shirts! 🙂

  2. kv replied:

    isn’t that texhnique for making a hem amazing? kind of makes you want to wear it inside out, doesn’t it……….

  3. Michelle replied:

    Your NBAT looks great so far! I love the color! I am a horrible KALer, as I have not started yet. 😦 Is being out of town a good excuse? But, I’ll start my guage swatch tonight and get going on the sweater soon!

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