Did I Overreact?

Maybe I’m just jaded.

Or maybe I’ve seen too many discussions about copyright go awry.

But a day ago, someone posted this question on Ravelry.

  •  I belong to a website in which you can feature your art. I consider my knitting my art; but I do not usually do my own designs. More than likely; it is a pattern I have adapted slightly. I was wondering if it would be “against the rules” to post it and claim it as my own if I site the designer and where I found the pattern. What do you guys think?

Nothing is wrong with that question. In fact, it’s perfectly legitimate. But somehow, a looming vision of doom came before my eyes like a darkling mist…old threads looming out of the past, mocking me with their pointless and endless existence.

Anything about copyright. Anything about “Ravelry rules” or designs, or anything. All spiral into thousands of posts. The cycle runs like this: copyright question, reasoned discussion, heated discussion, crazy-white-hot-anger discussion, cake. Repeat.

So I posted a reasoned and logical response.

Or not.

  • DIE, evil thread of potential b!tching and copyright crapola!

    Take thee and thy spawn to beyond the grave to the fires of hell, FROM WHENCE YOU CAME!!!

    ETA: Nothing against the OP. I just see darker forces (not her) that could work havoc about this topic.

So far, there have been only 10 posts on the thread, 2 of which are mine. My curse blessing invocation seems to have warded off the evil.

 That, or The Crazy Person just scared everyone away!


May 22, 2008. Tags: . Snark Editorial.


  1. jinniver replied:

    Ah yes–the copyright discussion. I know people seem to the think the MCY group is the font of all evil (we’re actually pretty harmless), but despite having been there for months, I’m not brave enough to venture into a copyright thread. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread…

  2. PrincessPea replied:

    Bah – this got my goat and I had to stick my size 9’s in there too!

    Copyright be damned. The OP annoyed me because of her conflation of craft and art and her ignorance of what constitutes ‘art’ in the first place.

  3. Dava replied:

    You know, invocations like that worked for centuries. Thanks for looking out for us.

  4. Michelle replied:

    Well, thank goodness someone is trying to nip those copyright discussions in the bud!

  5. MJ replied:

    Omg, thank you so much for posting that! I hate hate HATE those stupid threads!

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