The Face Of The Lumpy Sweater: Hi, World!

 I’m kinda shy. So I started my personal photo-shoot by hiding my face with Gretel, one of my all time favorite patterns.


Suddenly, I am resigned to the fact that a 17 year old is probably always going to have some skin issues. I put on the hat.


Suddenly, I realize…

with my hat on, I can do anything!


 Happy weekend, ladies and gents.


May 22, 2008. Knittin' Porn, works-in-progress.


  1. Sarah replied:

    I have been wondering what you look like! Now I know!!! Great hat by the way..

  2. knitasaur replied:

    I had you pegged as dirty-blonde for some reason :p

  3. jinniver replied:

    I got the hair color right, but for some reason I was thinking shorter hair (a chin length bob). Don’t ask me why. Missed the glasses, too, but other than that I was a lot closer than I expected! Anyways, cute hat. I could never pull it off.

  4. Jen replied:

    LOOKIT YOU! Woohoo! Mrow.

    I heart Gretel. She is teh precious.

  5. Dava replied:

    Nice to see you. You and Gretel would look right at home in Paris.

  6. Magatha replied:

    It’s a great face! Perfect for book dust covers. 😉

  7. tkacm replied:

    Hehe, I have always wondered how you looked. 😛 And yeah w/ knitasaur, I thought you donned dirty-blonde too. 😀 Lol.

  8. crochetcollection replied:

    Very cool pictures, blog buddy! And I must admit I pictured you blonde…but now the musings are over!

  9. SweetP replied:

    Nice to ‘see’ you. 🙂

  10. shaina replied:

    Woah! No offense but you look completely different than I thought. I thought would would be Asian with glasses. but you are really pretty!

  11. hyzknits replied:

    Aww, I love the second picture of you. I wouldn’t have ever pictured you as anything other than brunette, too 😀

  12. Aunt Kathy replied:

    Guess what the camera shyness doesn’t go away even when you are old like me (45). But you look Fabulous, maybe I should get me a Gretel hat and then I can one day post a picture of me.

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