Post Rain Poetry

After a quick, breathless rain
the world is full of space and empty
places that the water washed away

Tumbled stone, bright-faced
grass, inexplicable silences.
A ditch runs like a vein through our yard
gushing brown water and clumps of rotten grass
onto the street, and dead worms.

Their pale, waterbloated bodies drift aimless
catching at the tiniest rough spot in the concrete
waving like seaweed, or hands

I’ve tried to save the few that (more determined, more lucky)
still strain to crawl from the flood that to them
must seem endless


May 27, 2008. Knittin' Porn.


  1. Kate replied:

    Very cool post. I just don’t have the gift with words. Your pics are great too.

  2. Katie replied:

    What a peaceful lovely contemplation on rain. I really like the picture of the ball of yarn on the rocks. Its looks so at home there like a soft worn river stone.

    Hopped on the comment train from ravelry and so happy to have found your blog. Adding it to my reader for sure!

  3. Bernadette replied:

    Lovely post! Great photos, especially the yarn on the rocks. 🙂

    I found you when I clicked on my MagKnits link, and got a mostly blank page. I googled Magknits, and your commentary was the second link after Magknits itself. I have to say that I was sorry to hear about the demise of a wonderful knitting resource. I appreciate the background info, as it provides a bit of understanding to those (like me) who find a familiar resource has suddenly vanished overnight. Glad you are able to complete Miss Muffet, too.

  4. crochetcollection replied:

    your pictures are so great!! I love the softness of the yarn and rocks together.

  5. Aunt Kathy replied:

    I enjoyed that a lot.

  6. susanwritesandknits replied:

    I have to say, even as a creative writing major, my understanding and grasp of poetry is pretty low. I do know, however, that this has great imagery, and the rhythm of it made me feel really calm. I especially liked how the pictures went along with it!

  7. knittenkitten80 replied:

    Great pictures, not so sure on the worm part of the poetry, seemed to drag down the rest of it, which was beautiful BTW.

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