The Council of Elrond…or LeAnne.

tolkien Thursdays are a sacred day for many knitters in this area. Today, my local yarn store, Market Street Yarn & Crafts, holds an informal knit night, and stays open until 7:30. Since recovering from last week’s cold, I determined to attend. Coincidentally, I am also in the thick of reading about the Council of Elrond in my quest to read the entire Tolkien trilogy.

 Now, in the book, everyone comes to Rivendell because they know that Elrond is a wise person who can counsel them about many things. Boromir has a bad dream and wants to talk about it. Legolas has come to report a missing Gollum. The hobbits have some jewelry to pawn. The point is, without Elrond, there really would be no Rivendell—because he really is the soul of the valley.

 Tonight, at the council of yarn, Elrond attended, but not the way that you think. Our Elrond is actually named Leanne, and she is not an ancient and mysterious elf of old. However, she is immensely wise in the ways of yarn, knitting and other mysterious rituals, and she works at the store. In fact, she initiated me into a special rite this evening—spinning.

 First, she showed me the spinning wheel and kindly attempted to show me how to spin a little bit. Unfortunately, I pumped too slow or too fast, sending the wheel spinning in the opposite direction or (most often) it would simply stop. I had no idea what to do with the white fluff that I was holding.

 Leanne is not alone in her skills and she asked Jamie (currently designing a website for the store) to show me how to use a drop spindle. Before I go any further, I have to make a confession: the reason for this impromptu spinning lesson is because I confessed to the entire council that I had bought roving. Without a spindle or wheel or the faintest idea of how to spin, I bought roving. Molly is a teenage friend on Ravelry, and she sent me two sets of beautiful stitch markers for no reason. That’s right. Just because she wanted to be nice. Her blog is here and her etsy shop is here.

 To make a long story short, she also posted a 15% off coupon for any members of the teen group on Ravelry—she was selling 4 ozs of hand-dyed roving and I fell down HARD. I am saving up pictures of the roving and the stitch markers until the roving arrives.

 Feeling bad for this ignorant person, Jamie kindly instructed me, using a store spindle and roving and this is the result.

 Yes, that disgusting, lumpy mess is yarn that I spun—from Cormo roving, I think. This means that I am both exulted and afraid—exulted because now I have a small idea of how spinning works, and afraid that I will totally screw up my beautiful roving when it arrives. A beginner spinning class starts next month, and if I can manage the $75 fee (which includes 10 ounces of roving and other stuff) then I am so in. Whether or not I can attend the class, I have the feeling that I am going to be sucked into spinning, slowly but surely.

 This store is definitely a trap for spinners.

Oh my GOD I want that Devon roving hanging from the door. The entire store is a trap for anyone who doesn’t want to spend money. I mean, LOOK at this next picture. This is pure evil.

The portal of doom.

The twin yarn walls of temptation.

Even weavers are not safe here.

 Jamie is the girl putting a finger to her mouth, Leanne is sitting next to her, and I forgot the name of the woman wearing the striped shirt because I am a fool. We may be smaller than the council of Elrond, but we’re still pretty cool. I think.


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  1. jinniver replied:

    You have a NICE LYS…I’m a little jealous. Not that I don’t love my LYS to bits, ’cause I do (and that was before my LYSO directed my lovable but clueless-about-knitting husband to the exact blue/green/purple silk yarn I’ve been coveting since I first walked through the doors for my belated 12th anniversary present), but it’s smaller and so not stocked with as much variety. But, like yours, ours has an Elrond (aka Ann) and a Thursday night Sit’n’Knit that I don’t miss unless there’s a really good reason.

  2. Aunt Kathy replied:

    First I read all the Tolkien books and LOVED them. I am now thinking I’d like to re-read them again. The only one I have left though is The Hobbit.

    Spinning, yeah I’d love to try it. Good luck with it, I bet you’ll be a pro before long.

    But OMG that LYS is beautiful. I’d spend every cent I owned if I went in there. Who needs to eat when you have yarn. WOW

  3. jenfromri replied:

    Yeah, spinning! It will suck you in and it will be awesome! Have you checked out the Beginning Spinners group on Ravelry?

    That’s a beautiful yarn store. Lucky you!

  4. Chelsea replied:

    Ugh. I should come and visit you…just to see your yarn store!! It looks amazing, ours only has a quarter the ammount of spinning stuffs…and trust me, spinning will be the best thing you ever do!! I’m actually reading The Fellowship of the Ring for the first time right now, and this is the exact place I’m at! Very interesting…

    And once again, I’m waaaaay to jelalous of your LYS. Lucky, lucky girl.

  5. Dava replied:

    portal of doom, indeed.

  6. Molly replied:

    Thanks for the mention! Everyone’s first handspun looks like that, so don’t worry. It can be art yarn! I’ll send you a photo of my latest handspun as soon as I get a chance, and you’ll see how much better you’ll get with just a little bit of practice. Also, I MUST have that yellow/green/blue roving! But alas, I am trying to save for a wheel. There are some hefty advantages to being a dyer 😉

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    […] people who give you free things, or give out coupons. This is evil. Molly (nerdclub2000 on Ravelry, who I mentioned before) sent me some lovely stitch markers, because I happened to mention that I usually use rubber […]

  8. Mother Earth Me: How Pencil Roving Made Me Look Like A Goddess « The Lumpy Sweater replied:

    […]  At the yarn store this Saturday, LeAnne was forced to listen to me prattle about how much fun that I had, and how cool this was, blah, blah, blah. She offered some advice–don’t weight your drying yarn; that’s what you do to weaving yarn, not knitting yarn. I grabbed the phone and told my younger sister to take off the (literal) hand weight that I was using because a book—oh hallowed book—that said that I should. Book VS LeAnne, who do you think won? […]

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