One Pink T On The Rocks

 It’s official, I am addicted to knitting with Sublime cotton. I have completely finished the back, and I’ve started on the front.

 Whenever someone asks a question about it, I always force them to feel how soft it is. Invariably their mouths form an O of surprise as they do so.

 The front is knitted just like the back until the armholes, so I am in a pleasant zen of peaceful, unthinking stockinette.

Now, on to the other KAL participants.

  1. Michelle is making good progress on her t-shirt. Can I repeat how much I love the color that she’s chosen? I really love the color that she’s chosen.
  2. Jen has the cutest, sunniest little t-shirt ever, making me slightly regretful that I am knitting my t-shirt in just one color!

 Summer is rapidly approaching, and so is Knit in Public Day (June 14) so I am wishfully hoping to finish the t-shirt AND my knitting tract before then—the knitting tract will be done by then, definitely. It would be very cool to know that other people knitting in public were handing out pamphlets detailing the good news of knitting.


May 30, 2008. Tags: , . Knittin' Porn, Nothing But A T-Shirt KAL, works-in-progress.


  1. Aunt Kathy replied:

    You know that LOOKS soft… oh i wish I was lucky enough to touch it

  2. samantha replied:

    oh, it looks like white cotton candy!

  3. jinniver replied:

    Well, I’m glad my color choices look like a design feature. But I have to admit…the reason I’m working with 2 colors is because I wasn’t sure I’d have enough of the blue to knit the whole thing! 🙂 Since the pattern isn’t written for my size, I was going to need more yarn than the pattern called for (and I’m adding short row shaping, so even more yarn). How much more more? Beats me! So I bought every skein my LYS had of the blue, and decided to pair with with the yellow to do the hem, the collar, and the sleeves…and if need be, the upper part of the shirt above the bust (in which case I’d do the collar in blue). Fortunately, it looks like I’ve got more than enough blue.

    I agree–even in pictures, your yarn looks touchably soft. And it’s a beautiful color.

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