Sweater Pieces: Some Assembly Required

 Yes, at some point, I did realize that I would have to sew together all 5 pieces of my Basic Black cardigan. However, today I blocked all the pieces. I pulled out my beautiful, heavy, blunt seaming needle. I took a deep breath.

 Not much happened after that. I looked from my book to the two pieces of fabric in my hands. I tried to follow the directions. However, everything looked very lumpy and awkward. Nothing stuck. Suddenly, all the yarn in my stash became immensely attractive. Patterns and needles cried out to me.

 Tonight is Poetry Reading night at the local Borders. I’ve worked over some pieces. Matt DeVore, a genuine genius with poetry (and only 19 years old) has taken over the organization and so I want to be able to bring 2 or 3 decent poems with me. There’s nothing quite as embarassing as when 2 people stand up to read, and it’s the same two people who stand up to read every single time—or when it’s a mother, reading a poem about her bipolar daughter, while said daughter squirmed in the audience!

 There’s a PG rating for the meetings. Usually, this rule is left unsaid because most people don’t fill their poems with swearing. However, our Memorial Day reading became more interesting when a Vietnam vet pulled out his poem and proceeded to f-k everything to h-ll. Borders doesn’t really want to have to deal with irate parents whose innocent children want to know what f-k means.

 My fingers are itching a little because I have so much to tell you, but I have to wait. One of these things is so exciting that I am nearly hopping out of my skin. However, I will say that future posts will include new yarn (lucious yarn, I might add) more spinning/fibery posts, and a Lumpy garter stitch scarf with a story—and one of my siblings—behind it!

 However, in the meantime, go to the Three Irish Girl’s blog contest—you have until 7:00 PM Eastern Standard Time to enter one of the most awesome contests ever. Just tell them WHY you knit, and you have a chance to win a membership in one of their yarn clubs!


June 3, 2008. Tags: . Tuesday Project Updates, works-in-progress.


  1. Michelle Overtoom replied:

    I didn’t really understand seaming until I took a class. When she showed us mattress stitch, it was like a light went on! It made the whole class worth it. So, find someone to show you mattress stitch :-).

    That being said, I still dislike sewing my pieces together.

  2. jinniver replied:

    What’s up with leaving us in suspense? 🙂

    The only seaming I have done in the past has been pretty utilitarian (read: ugly). No matter how many times I’ve read about it in books or magazine articles, I just haven’t gotten it. Fortunately, my LYSO needed a Ravelry “class” and since I seemed to be the most active Raveler in her shop, she and I bartered a lesson on Ravelry for a lesson on seaming…which I’ll be taking as soon as I finish my NBaT.

    Thanks for the heads up on the blog contest–they’ve got a colorway I’ve been drooling over for awhile, and I’m feeling my willpower slip away…

  3. susanwritesandknits replied:

    Ooo… you sound like me with seaming. I’ve decided that, after my first sweater, I’m going to do anything that can be done on circulars on circulars. Minimal seaming = maximum awesomeness!

  4. knittenkitten80 replied:

    I hate seaming as well, which is why I apparently have this block to actually peicing said garment,,,sigh….My BBS is also un-sewn(word?).

  5. Seaming Makes Me Sleepy: Cardigan Update « The Lumpy Sweater replied:

    […] a couple weeks, my basic black cardigan has been completed—but not quite. I needed to seam it together and I have never seamed a […]

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