Incense and Cupcakes X 3

 Somehow, LeAnne keeps wandering into my blog posts, but this week’s project update is largely due to her help, so…

 The orange sweater is now seamed—partly. Last Saturday was Knit in Public day, and it provided the perfect excuse to go the yarn store.  Feeling inspired, I brought a treat, because lately, I keep seeing cupcakes on knitting blogs. Tienne and her daughter make cupcakes from scratch (curse them and their skills!) and Ysolda makes healthy and deliciously cute mini cupcakes on her blog. She also has a recipe!

 However, I have no such skills. I bought a box of white cake mix, some generic vanilla frosting and waltzed into the store with two bags on one arm and two plates of cupcakes balanced on my hands. Someone, seeing my plight through the big glass window, kindly opened the door.

 Perhaps the bribe helped, but when I helplessly gestured to my bag, full of the pieces of my Basic Black cardigan, Leanne put aside her afghan square to help. Secretly, it may have also had to do with the fact that the stitch pattern for the square wasn’t working out. Instead of looking like cute little leaves, it looked rather like an afghan square decorated with bobbly nipples–sorry, Leanne! Anyway, I pulled out my tapestry needle, the smell of incense filled the air and I woke a few hours later, with this in my numb hands…

 Actually, there was no incense, but it did seem like magic when Leanne showed me how to seam the shoulder parts together.

Also, despite their humble origins, the cupcakes went over rather well.  A steady stream of shoppers meant that I didn’t have to bring home too many. Ah, Betty Crocker, we worship at thy cardboard altar! Even the older woman who cheerfully referred to me as “kid,” seemed to enjoy her cupcake. (Also; since when did old people call people ‘kid’? Doesn’t that just happen in movies?)

 I have officially declared my missing six 6 needle dead. I wept, and then bought another pair of them, bamboo, to match the old ones. Wednesday I will update the t-shirt KAL. Thank goodness for DK weight…my struggles with laceweight, well…they’ll make another blog post…filled with fake swears…


June 16, 2008. Knittin' Porn, works-in-progress.


  1. Sarah replied:

    Yeah! I can’t wait to see the finished sweater and (hopefully!) your t-shirt soon!

  2. knittenkitten80 replied:

    Guage!! I hate thee, thy name is “Goes Wrong Every Freakin’ Time I Knit”.I’m Glad the sweater is piecing well, I myself am going to get seaming lessons. I have 2 sweaters ON and my seaming skills are almost nil.

  3. susanwritesandknits replied:

    I hate seaming. I’d so much rather knit in a round.
    I’ve baked many a cupcake, and from what I can tell, some cupcakes from a box are better than ones from scratch. I would never make yellow cake from scratch, because it’s better from a box. But if you’re ever looking to try something harder, on the back of most boxes of Hershey’s cocoa, there’s an awesome recipe for chocolate cake from scratch. It’s relatively easy (albeit a little messy because of the cocoa powder), and I made it for my boyfriend once, who then told me that I never had to get him another gift ever again as long as I kept making him cupcakes.

  4. jinniver replied:

    Please, someone tell me I have not be slotted into the “old” category because I use “kiddo.” If it’s my son I’m talking to, does that count? 🙂

  5. tkacm replied:

    As for the size 6 needle, did you check in any cushioned chairs that they might be in? Happens to be all the time. – Kaya

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