Wishful Thinking: Knit-a-Long Update!

 If I close my eyes and wish really hard, I can imagine that the entire front of my nothing but a t-shirt is done. I’m almost to the neck shaping now, so I’m not too far away.

 Michelle has a jump on me, however, and has an entire sleeve finished!

 Jen doesn’t have updates on her t-shirt, but she does have a lovely scarf that she knitted in public last Saturday, and she actually got to teach someone to knit!

 This coming week should be jam-packed with pictures and more pictures—new yarn, new projects, a mysterious finished object and, well, a little extra surprise on Monday. Cheers!


June 21, 2008. Tags: , , , , . Knittin' Porn, Nothing But A T-Shirt KAL, works-in-progress.

One Comment

  1. jinniver replied:

    I know, I know. I got distracted. It’s reeeeeaaaaally hard to resist that silk yarn for the scarf… But I promise–I will work on the t-shirt today and have an update tonight! I did finish rewriting the pattern for the back, so I’m ready.

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