The Anatomy Of An Acrylic Debate

 “So, I was thinking about all these acrylic debates, and I just can’t figure out why people have to be so mean. Some of us can’t afford anything other than Red Heart, and it’s really offensive for people to act as though you can only knit with cashmere.”

 “I agree; my grandma knit an acrylic blanket 80 years ago, and it’s still pristine and perfect. Acrylic has its uses!”

 “Well, acrylic is a fire hazard. It melts when it burns. I never use anything other than cotton or wool when I knit for babies.”

 “Honey, if you’re so close to a fire that your clothes are melting, you have bigger problems than your sweater. RED HEART 4EVER!”

 “I don’t use acrylic because it’s just darn nasty. It’s squeaky, ugly and come on, there are totally affordable wools out there. Knitpicks, Webs, come on! Cost is just an excuse.”

 “I know that some people can’t afford anything better, but I just can’t stand it. I only knit with organic yarns, handspun from the wool from my own sheep. That, or I just buy Malabrigo, why knit with something you hate, lol! I have 27 tubs of the stuff in my house…”

 “I NEVER use yarn from animals. Shearing sheep really hurts them. Have you heard about those poor sheep that get mutiliated? It just sickens me with this wanton cruelty.”

 “I don’t know about acrylic versus wool, but breastfeeding in public really annoys me.”

 “Knitpicks DOESN’T SHIP TO CANADA, ARGH! HOW MANY TIMES DO WE HAVE TO SAY THIS! The only thing I can get in my town is acrylic and it works just great for whatever I knit. It’s washable and durable.”

 “Have you tried Knitpicks?”

 “My knitpicks circular needles broke 3 times. I just stopped bothering returning them. Susan Bate forever!”

 “It’s called mulesing, and it’s actually more kind to the sheep than letting them get infested with flies. They’re phasing it out anyway.”

 “Breastfeeding in public is totally normal. I should be able to pop out a boob whenever I want. If you don’t want to see, DON’T LOOK!”

 Moderator Wannabe: Everyone! Stop being so mean! Acrylic and wool have different uses, let’s agree to disagree.

 “Isn’t anyone thinking of the children?”


June 23, 2008. Snark Editorial.


  1. jinniver replied:

    You forgot:

    “Don’t you people realize what acrylic is MADE from? It’s plastic! It’s made from petroleum! You’re killing the planet!”

    “Obviously you haven’t done any research on how much pesticide is used in cotton farming! Or how much processing goes into one skein of soy yarn! Do you realize how many chemicals there are? You’re killing the planet!”

    I open every post that has “acrylic” in the title. That way I can click the “ignore” button and make sure I never see it again.

  2. pdxknitterati replied:

    Too funny! I never look at those topics, but Jinniver has just given me an idea…

  3. Sarah replied:


    It wouldn’t be so bad if it was the Same Discussion OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. Honestly, saying “acrylic” to a group of knitters is like saying “birth control” to a group of Catholics. Everyone has a strong opinion, no one agrees, and no one is going to switch sides.

  4. tana replied:

    Hahahahahahahahaha. You nailed it sister!

  5. Rebecca replied:

    Oh,my…funny stuff! I love the breastfeeding comments thrown in there.

  6. samantha replied:

    you just summarized the whole ravelry sadness in one blog post! and I agree, sometimes I want to put them all in timeout.

  7. knittenkitten80 replied:

    As my blog says, one_yarn_snob. ,my fingers hurt when using acrylic. It’s garish and just ewwww! That being said when you are a knitter you HAVE to knit so acrylic it is. I’m sure there are acrylic hnitters that could thrash my a** with their projects. Hilarious post.

  8. Kaya replied:

    D:< I didn’t find this one funny at all:

    ”I NEVER use yarn from animals. Shearing sheep really hurts them. Have you heard about those poor sheep that get mutiliated? It just sickens me with this wanton cruelty.”

    Sounds more like me. 😦 Everything else was funny though! ^-^

  9. MJ replied:

    Thank GOD Casey thought of the “ignore thread” option . . .

  10. Michelle replied:

    I love this post…because the acrylic threads on Ravelry drive me crazy, yet somehow I am drawn to them like….acryclic to flame.

    I agree…I wish we could all agree to disagree and people didn’t get so worked up about this debate. Sigh.

  11. Ellen Bloom replied:

    I’m a proud member of the Red Heart and LionBrand groups on Ravelry!

    ACK-rylic has been my yarn of choice for over 40 years!

  12. Merenwen replied:

    I don’t mind acryic, sometimes.

    Grapefruitjuice told me that Knitpicks does ship to Canada, but we don’t get the free shipping for purchases over $50. Bah.

    I’m making a list of what I need for yarn, which I’ll take with me to the tent sale. I was gonna buy some Cotton-Ease to make these long fingerless gloves from Punk Knits by Share Ross, but my mother basically verbally kicked me in the gut by saying that Cotton-Ease is garbage yarn, and that I can do better on Elann. Hmph.

  13. Cathy-Cate replied:

    funny (1) !

    And just like in the forums, I really want to point out that shearing does not hurt sheep, that not shearing them makes them suffer, but I’ll restrain myself and not go there. No — wait — I already said it. Ooops.

    Wait, I think I have to say,
    love (1) too!

  14. Jen replied:

    > ”I don’t know about acrylic versus wool, but breastfeeding in public really annoys me.”

    LOL! You crack me up.

  15. the Procrastinatrix replied:

    You are too funny!!! Thanks for the giggle! Perfectly captured it all. 😀

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