Nothing But A T-Shirt KAL: Mucky Sleeves & Sad Endings

 I have two major projects coming to a close. First, my first cardigan, which is patiently awaiting a serious seaming session, a button band and some buttons. Secondly, my t-shirt. Yes, my pink t-shirt is nearly finished.

 Spurred on by Michelle’s example, I have completed the front, the first sleeve, and I am 3 or 4 rows away from finishing the second sleeve. (Michelle, I feel a little dense—I actually ended up binding off all the neck stitches, I didn’t feel knowledgable enough to leave them on a holder!)

 Jen is taking things at a slightly more sane rate on her t-shirt.

The front: in an artistic pose that hides the fact that the sunlight bleached my other photos

My one completed sleeve.

Actually, I just looked at the second sleeve. Something is screwed up here. It’s way too short and way too skinny. That’s a reknit.

 The sleeves gave me a little panic; since I’ve been following the directions for a size 40, (but gauge should make it a size 36) I’ve been following the width instructions, but following the size 36 instructions for length, since the row gauge is the same.  This should give me a perfect fit t-shirt.

 But I panicked—I was following the 40 directions for a sleeve, how could I make it the right length and the right shape so that it would fit into the shorter armhole? After some calculations, I figured out that the size 40 sleeve is actually only 4 rows longer than the 36, so I decreased a little more rapidly and it should be OK. Should be.

 But all this flurry, this excitement, this learning-of-seaming…it’s making me sad. And a little scared. Not of the seaming, no. But suddenly, these two projects will be over. I’ve been working on the cardigan since at least December. I knit fast. Longer projects help, because I don’t have to look for another project so soon. Inches of stockinette keeping my fingers busy. There’s an energy required to picking projects that exhausts me.

 Let’s put it this way, I hate starting or picking out projects. Hate it. This might sound weird. I’ll rephrase it; I love the potential, I love the colors, I love wandering into a yarn store with a crisp twenty in my pocket and empty needles at home.

 But deciding is very hard for me. I am so entranced with possibilities that decision is cold and harsh. I hate the emotional energy of deciding that such a yarn becomes such a pattern. That’s why, if I see a yarn or pattern that I must knit, I grab at it. It is so rare that I can simply shrug off my nagging brain and simply DECIDE that I simply obey it, whenever it happens.  (The Sublime Cotton was one of those)

 Sweaters make it easier. Once started, they last for some time, especially in DK weight. No decisions. Just knitting.

 I do have at least one large project. My Seascape wrap, although after completing a swatch, I think I will need lace needles. Other than that…no current projects. Oh, sure, some long abandoned single socks. (Ha!)

 However, I am still excited. I have some lovely new yarn and other things to show you, and it is so hard not to start new projects at once. However, I must resist, and finish all the pieces of my t-shirt first.


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  1. phibian replied:

    Your t-shirt looks great so far! I love the yarn and color you chose. And I totally understand your new project anxiety, I’m one of those incredibly indecisive people. Can’t wait to see the new yarn. 🙂

  2. jinniver replied:

    Thank you for your polite reworking of my procrastination as a “slightly more sane rate.” 🙂 Unfortunately, I have the opposite problem–I love starting new projects. Adore it. And so my list of WIPs grow…

    Your t-shirt is really looking good–can’t wait to see it completed!

  3. Aunt Kathy replied:

    I am still not brave enough to try anything with sleeves. Maybe before the end of the year. I LOVE pink though, therefore I really love how yours is turning out

  4. Kristina replied:

    Do get lace needles for the Seascape – you won’t regret it! They made the difference between hating and loving lace knitting for me.

    Love the t-shirt 🙂

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