Extremely Odd Knitpicks Experience

 First, I’ll put this in perspective. I’ve ordered from Knitpicks twice and both times I was very happy with their service. I bought some Telemark for a scarf and the second time, I bought two books at their summer booksale. Both arrived very quickly.

 I’ve been recently browsing the website again and looking at some of their new sock yarns. Once again I had problems logging in to my account. I have always had problems with this on Knitpicks. It is on my list of allowed websites. My cookies have been emptied, etc. Frustrated by multiple problems, I registered a new account under a different email address. It didn’t make a difference. Every time that I tried to check out, it asked me to log in again.

 So, I did not place an order. I never had the chance to even enter my card information.

 Backing up for a moment—I did ask for a password reminder for my old account, the one that I originally used to place those orders last year. I received the strangest password reminder email that I have ever gotten in my entire life. Not only did I get my original password, I got every other password that I had typed there, both for my new account and for my old account when I was trying to remember what the old one was. Not only that, I received a password that wasn’t even mine or anything that I had tried to type in! I have never had any other website send me any password other than 1. My original password or, 2. A replacement password.

 Back to the present. So far, I have ordered nothing and had problems logging onto their website. End of story, right?

 Not so.

 Yesterday, I received a confirmation email, saying that my Knitpicks order had shipped! I scanned the list—and quickly realized that this was not some accidental order of mine. It was $54 dollars worth of yarn in colors that I would never chose—key lime, acovado, and others—and a book. I was extremely surprised and disturbed and picked up the phone to call Knitpicks.

 Yes, my order had shipped to Barbara P. Yes, my address was —– and the order was being shipped to my address. I gaped.

 “Um, this is very weird, because I haven’t ordered anything from here recently.”

 “Maybe your husband?”

 “No, I’ve been considering an order lately, but none of these items are anything like what I was thinking of ordering.”

 “Well, it was paid with Big Box Credit Card 1.”

 At this point, I breathed a sigh of relief. Even if I had, under the influence of some strange yarn coma, ordered from Knitpicks, this confirmed that I didn’t. We don’t have Big Box Credit 1, we have Big Box Card 2*.

 However, the fact remains that a box with $54 dollars worth of merchandise paid for by another person is being shipped to my address and unless they contact Knitpicks, I am in the Knitpicks database as the person who ordered it! I assured the very kind person on the phone that I will simply send the package back as soon as it arrives here. Hopefully, it will not take too long for it to reach that persob!

 In the meantime, I can log onto my old account (but not order, blast!) and I can check the status of “my” order! I realize that this is probably a rare occurence, but it is a little disturbing nonetheless. The woman on the phone indicated that the person placing the order might have mixed up their numbers somehow, and I assume that this would account for this strange incident.

 In any case, I sincerely hope that Knitpicks will overhaul its shopping cart soon, because they are too big (and too good) of a knitting website to have to deal with anything less than the best and one that lets its customers place orders!

*For the curious, yes, I am a teenager. Any purchases online are made and approved by my parents! They do not understand yarny cravings but they make exception for their obsessed daughter!


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  1. jinniver replied:

    Now that is seriously weird. I’ve placed several orders with KnitPicks, and never had a problem checking out. Of course, I’ve just realized that I never set up an account with them–I handjam all the info every time–until this last order. So I guess we’ll see what happens the next time I order.

  2. turtlegirl76 replied:

    I’ve had the same login loop happen to me. But the mystery shipment is just strange. I would hope that KP would be somewhat concerned about the fact that this had happened,

  3. Meredith replied:

    I only order by phone from KP now…having experienced the same login problems you did. I have NOT, however, had the mystery order shipment issue. After having discussed the login issue by phone with KP customer service personnel, after having emailed them multiple times, they still act as if it is MY problem, when clearly many people have had similar problems. Telling me to clear out cookies doesn’t get it any more. I love their products, especially my Options needles, but the website bites.

  4. Aunt Kathy replied:

    Hmm I don’t think I ever had a problem but I have only ordered twice. I will sure watch the next time. Thanks for the warning.

  5. Stephanie replied:

    That is creepy. I wonder whose it is, and if they know of the problem, and if I were them I’d be seriously scared. Thanks for the heads up to be wary of ordering from Knitpicks again… sigh.

  6. Sarah replied:

    That is so weird. I’ve order from them probably a dozen times and never had a problem. I also was surprised and pleased with their customer service.

    I think this is more proof that the computers are gaining in intelligence and out to get us. *sigh* If only we had listened to the scifi writers…

  7. samantha replied:

    that’s really really weird. Now, as for you logging in problems, did you unblock cookies from knitpicks? that’s what fixed for me.

  8. tana replied:

    First of all…

    YOU’RE A TEENAGER??? Cannot believe it.


    That is tres bizarre about KP. Weird weird weird.

    That’s all I have to say. 😉

  9. rita replied:

    I guess that I ordered my one and only KnitPicks order online. I didn’t have any problems with that, but I wasn’t happy with one of the yarns, contacted their customer service by email, and got a very snotty reply from them. I don’t think I’ll order anything else from them.

    Their answer wasn’t anything along the lines of “how can we make you happy”, it was more “tough luck, that’s what you get for ordering something you haven’t actually seen with your own two eyes.”

  10. Bob Petkun replied:

    Hello Barbara,
    Along with my wife Kelley, I am the owner of Knit Picks and as you might expect I am concerned about your experiences and the order you described above. In today’s world we are all at the mercy of computers and the programmers who make them work. Sometimes weird bugs are built in the code and only feedback from users will help us find the problem.

    Can I ask that you send me the confirmation you received from the order that was mistakenly sent to you so I can attempt to track down the problem. Or any other information about this order you have.

    My e-mail address is

    Separately, you may be interested to know we believe we finally solved the mystery of those people having trouble logging onto our site. A number of people like yourself on Ravelry helped us find that bug. If you or any of your friends see this problem (or any other web problem) we would like to know.

    Thanks again for your business and happy knitting!

  11. סקס replied:

    Their answer wasn’t anything along the lines of “how can we make you happy”, it was more “tough luck, that’s what you get for ordering something you haven’t actually seen with your own two eyes.”

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