My RAK: A Package From Alaska!

  Jen (gosh, I know a lot of lovely people with the name Jen) in Anchorage Alaska, otherwise known as irunnaked at her blog, A Stitch In Thyme, sent me some yarn. Just because she’s nice. She also tucked a few other goodies into the box that arrived yesterday.

 This is the original random act of kindness that helped to inspire my own giveaway. (Follow the link to enter, if you haven’t already, it’s oen until midnight EST this Friday!) I’ve absolutely loved listening to all of your amazing stories about RAKs that have helped you—or that you’ve done yourself!

If you can’t read it, it says ALASKA on the side and you squeeze it. And that’s not because it makes a cute sound. My younger siblings spent the entire morning giggling over the pooing bear. Very cute keychain.

And ( drumroll) the sock yarn.

Brand: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock

Colorway: Blueberry Snowcone (a limited edition sold at Jimmy Bean’s Wool)

 I love, love, LOVE this colorway. It’s so pretty in person–that touch of light frosty blue makes the whole skein. But, like I said, Jen didn’t just send the Lorna’s sock.

Brand: Koigu Kersti (heavishy DK merino)

Colorway: Beats me, but it’s all shades of purple


Now this is definitely becoming a hat someday. It feels amazing. It’s also a crepe yarn, something that I’ve never worked with before, but it has a lovely springiness that is something that always draws me to a yarn.  With 342 yards of this yarn, I should be able to make a hat and a skein leftover for something else, maybe a pair of matching handwarmers.

 And now I have a secret confession. I could not get a decent picture of the two skeins of Wildfoote sock yarn that she also sent. Yes, my photography skills are not always perfect. In my defense, I was still slightly sick the day that the package landed on my porch. It’s a darker shade of mulberry and some others, called Tom Cat. It almost feels like it has alpaca in it, but it doesn’t. This may end up as a pair of Dad socks, because it has 25% nylon in it, and I’ve seen him wear old argyle socks that almost these exact colors in them.

 Thank you so much, Jen, it really brightened my day. And now I’ll have to work on spreading around the karma!


July 21, 2008. Knittin' Porn.


  1. Aunt Kathy replied:

    WOW, now that’s a package to be excited about. How nice of Jen to do that for you. I also love those colors and the bear too, is that a fish in his mouth?

  2. Vivian replied:

    how wonderful – all those yarns look so fantastic and soft and gorgeous!

  3. knittenkitten80 replied:

    I love those colors!!! Jealous!!! I had fun with my RAK, the benificiary, who shall remain nameless(but whose intials are G.N.U.N.) was quite pleased. Anyone feel free to send me RAK yarn as well(LOL)

  4. sandra replied:

    loveley collors… very pretty

  5. Kathy W replied:


  6. Fairy Yarn-Mother « The Lumpy Sweater replied:

    […] I couldn’t imagine why Jen would be sending me a package. After all, she just sent me a yarn package a short time […]

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