Professional Yarn Modeling: Photography Tips For Yarn And Handknits

Hey, honey. Want me to show you a few tips about how to make your yarn porn…yarn porn? Wanna know what makes a yarnie’s heart race?  Well, guess what. Today’s your lucky day. I’m going to share just a few tips about you, too, can make your yarn look fabulous.

Today’s Photography Subject: Sock Yarn

Brand: Purled Llama Dulce

Colorway: Hummingbird

  •  Getting Personal–The Close-Up

Look for a little flower button on your camera—I’m assuming that you have a digital camera—and you should always use this if you want really sharp pictures of your yarn. Just press it down and a little flower symbol will appear on your screen. You can hold your camera much closer and get much better focus that way.


This is 440 yards of pure merino softness. The moment I saw this in my LYS, it was like I walked into a dream…a beautiful dream, that I never wanted to leave…

  • Keep It Natural

 This reminds me of one of my pet peeves; knitters that use flash when they take pictures. Natural light is almost always better! You don’t have to pose it outside, though. If you have a window that the light comes through in say, the afternoon, you can use that indirect sunlight to make some lovely pictures. (Note: this picture is slightly bleached because my lighting was too strong; I’m not perfect yet either!)

 If you don’t know how to turn the flash off, look again at your camera. There should be a little lightning bolt button. Press that until the symbol *on-screen* turns into a lightning bolt within an X. This will turn it off and it will stop bleaching out your pictures!

  • Be Original!


Me: pantomiming Speak No Evil.

 I’ll be perfectly frank here: I love the Yarn Harlot’s traveling sock. It’s cute and fun to see it in various settings. But it’s been done. Why not have a traveling hat and display it on lamp-posts or famous busts in museums? Maybe a manikan in a department store! One blog that I really enjoy is Turtle Girl’s blog, and many of her pictures figure one of her many turtle statues and possessions. It’s her own and very cute.

  • Take Two–Or A Hundred

 Always, always take more pictures than you think that you will need or use. It is always better to have more options than to have less, especially if your photography skills are still a little shaky. I’m working on mine. For example:

That’s a lame version of the picture at the start of this post.  More option and more pictures to choose from are always better! You’d be surprised at the weird flaws that can ruin what might have been a good picture and it is always a relief to have another to choose from.

  • More Pixels! Give Me More!!!

 No clever picture for this one, but I’m serious. Set your camera to take higher resolution pictures–usually, there’s an + button on the camera. This will also help with those lucious close-ups. It will take up more space on your camera, but you can always delete them after you’ve loaded them onto your comp.

Let’s Review The Methods For Sexier Yarn Porn

  • Use The Close-Up Option On Your Camera
  • Use NATURAL Lighting
  • Be Original!
  • Take LOTS Of Pictures
  • Use Higher Resolution

Well, I hope that you as excited as I am…

about our photography lesson. This a great example of the drugged model look, perfect to send to your grandparents and relations. Nothing is surer to have them travel down for a surprise visit to make sure you’re not sprawled out on the floor with a needle in your arm. Hopefully this tips will help you to be surprised (and pleased) with what you have managed to capture with your camera. Seriously.


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  1. Juli replied:

    very nice. 😉

  2. Kathy W replied:



  3. turtlegirl76 replied:

    Well done! Hurrah! Nothing gets me more irked than poor yarnography. And thank you for the compliment. =)

  4. Dava replied:

    Hilarious and helpful!

    Perhaps yarn porn will be the new computer porn?

  5. Aunt Kathy replied:

    That was GREAT. Maybe this old dog can learn new tricks. Photography is not my best talent. LOL

  6. knittenkitten80 replied:

    Ha,ha,ha I’m laughing hilariously!!

  7. Jen replied:

    You are so funny. Drugged model look indeed!

  8. Jen replied:

    You are seriously all kinds of nuts. 🙂 The flower button thingy isn’t something I knew about, so I’ll have to check out my camera. My close ups are always a little blurry. And since I’ve been reading about how to take yarn pics, I’ve drug every skein into the backyard for it’s photo shoot.

  9. Merenwen replied:

    Good tips. I’ll have to remember them. Shame I don’t have a decent digital camera.

  10. Froomla replied:

    Terribly shmexy.

  11. Jen replied:

    I’m pretty sure that’s the first time I’ve ever seen a “come hither” look combined with yarn. 🙂 I spent a little over an hour today trying to put your guidelines to use–do you know I had no idea what that silly little flower button was for?–but I haven’t yet edited the pictures to see how well I did…

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