Smoky Spring: Sock Knitting

 I have promised to show off my cardigan this week, but I’m still looking for buttons. Meanwhile, I have

  • started and finished one cowl
  • ripped out the cowl
  • used the cowl yarn to start a pair of Spring Forward socks, from the summer issue of Knitty

 S7305099 by you.


S7305088 by you.

S7305104 by you.

I’m using my Elizabeth Bennet sock yarn in the Sunshower colorway and honestly, I think that this yarn and pattern are a match made in heaven.

 The pattern is exceptionally simple, one of the easiest that I’ve ever knitted and really looks fabulous. I did, however, narrow the heel from 30 stitches to 24, because my Monkey socks ended up bagging around my narrow heel rather a bit. I’ve reached the gusset decreases and so far it’s looking good.

 Certainly better than the cowl that I tried to knit. It was the Pashmina Cowl from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. Get this: the yarn striped. Yes, at 130 stitches, the sock yarn made narrow, soft stripes, but that didn’t bothered me. What bothered me was that the cowl was just too baggy.

 So I ripped out the entire cowl and am now knitting these deliciously smoky colored lace socks with my carefully customized heels. I think this is going to work.


August 7, 2008. Tags: , . Knittin' Porn, works-in-progress.


  1. Kathy W replied:


    I love the yarn and the colors. I’m going through withdrawal as I haven’t knitted on a pair of socks in over a month.

    I need a fix and I need it NOW!!!!

  2. Vivian replied:

    those look fantastic!
    love the color and the way it looks in the pattern.

  3. pdxknitterati replied:

    The Spring Forward socks are gorgeous! Love those colors. Congrats on a perfect pick!

  4. Rachel replied:

    sooooo pretty…

  5. Tory replied:

    Very, very gorgeous, but… are you going to have enough yarn to finish that sock??

  6. Mary Ellen replied:

    I covet that yarn!

  7. Dava replied:

    Much better for socks than a cowl. Now I want to make some!

  8. Aunt Kathy replied:

    Oh yes I LOVE the Spring Forward socks, very nice.

  9. Sarah replied:

    I adore that pattern! Those socks are gorgeous!

  10. Leanne replied:

    How’s the spinning going?

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