Disappearing Yarn: An Ugly Yarn

 This Saturday was my third spinning class and I stuffed my bag with

  • 1 nearly completed sock-that-is-now-completed-and-shall-soon-be-shown-on-this-blog
  • 1 cardigan, sans needed buttons-that-shall-also-be-shown-soon
  • 1 small handful of cleaned merino roving

 When I once again sailed through the yarn store door, a diet coke in one hand and my over-stuffed bag in the other, I sensed a change in the atmosphere. Pat’s (who runs the yarn store) husband was helping the other Pat—who is taking the class—with her spinning wheel. But I did not see ‘my’ Ashford Traveler anywhere. It wasn’t in sight.

 What worried me even was that my two bobbins of badly-spun yarn were also gone. We were going to learn plying this week, and I had just about the right amount so that I could ply some yarn. But…the bobbins were gone, disappeared along with the wheel.

 Patricia, on the other hand, had lovely, crammed bobbins. She rented her wheel and spun some alpaca to ply with her wool; she owns 3 rescue alpacas and one yielded 10 pounds of creamy-white fiber. It looked amazing and my alpaca lust reared its ugly head again. 10 pounds!

 Then, Pat-the-lys-owner showed up, with her usual grace, beauty, enlightenment….and the news that the Ashford Traveler had been sold. Pat works the weekends and some other days of the week and Leanne usually works during the week and hurrah! She had sold a spinning wheel. Unfortunately, I don’t know what happened to my yarn yet. Pat didn’t know either. So, there I was, ready to ply, with all my yarn disappeared.

 Well, not quite.

 Two bobbins of very badly spun and ugly yarn were retrieved; I think I may have spun part of it. It was a mix of white-brown-and-grey singles that looked very much like someone drunk – In any case, Pat helped me set up a Lazy Kate and I used an Ashford Traditional. I prefer a double-treadle, but I’ve finally gotten to the point that I can keep a steady rhythm on a single treadle.

S7305148 by you.

I found out that plying is very easy and that this yarn looked very uglier once it was plied. However, I leanred how to use a niddy-noddy—fun!—and am now left with an extremely ugly skein of handspun yarn.

 However, after I finished plying, which only took a short time, I finally felt ready to spin with my special roving. Included with the class is 10 ounces of Lorna’s Laces roving and I zoomed in on the Devon colorway.

 This (which I deliberately shot on the concrete for a surreal look) is the roving:

S7305152 by you.

S7305145 by you.

S7305150 by you.

The yarn is still a little inconsistent but a huge improvement over my first handspun. And with 10 full ounces of this stuff, I will probably end up having enough for hat-scarf combo or maybe a hat-mitten combo. Pat sent the bobbin home with me, to avoid a repeat of the mysteriously-disappearing-Barbara yarn.

 I have to admit, I wouldn’t be very sorry to lose that ugly handpsun!


August 11, 2008. Tags: , , , , . Knittin' Porn, spinning, works-in-progress.


  1. Lulu replied:

    Oh my gosh, how pretty is that blue yarn! I’m working on my lace shawl with Lorna’s Laces yarn and I love it.

  2. Dava replied:

    Your blue is beautiful, but hang on to old ugly. Years from now you’ll wish you had it, just to remember the learning process.

    I have to admit when I first read “spinning class,” I momentarily pictured you on a bike.

  3. Aunt Kathy replied:

    Bummer on the missing bobbins… I love how you describe the Pat’s though.
    That blue is very pretty

  4. Kathy W replied:

    Beauteous blue yarn!

    At least you’re getting experience on different wheels so you’ll be an expert before long. 😛

  5. jinniver replied:

    Sorry about the missing yarn, but I have to say I’m not as hard on your “ugly” yarn. 🙂 I like the neutral colors. The blue yarn’s gorgeous though! The hat I’ve knit most recently was done with a thick/thin yarn and I really liked the way it came out.

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