A Corporate Sock

 I couldn’t resist. My first completed sock was in my bag, and my mom was shopping at Wal-Mart. I bought a coke and waited for her, but the camera in my bag proved to be too much of a temptation. There’s something incredibly incongrous about hand-dyed yarn, hand-knitted into a sock, against the background of the cliche of corporate monsterdom.

S7305174 by you.

Then I headed outside, and took a few more pictures. I was slightly afraid that maybe a store employee would notice me, but no one did. This might be related to the fact that it was late in the evening and I was hidden in the shadows.

S7305161 by you.

S7305175 by you.

S7305180 by you.

And yes, I found out that taking pictures of your own foot is hard. Very hard. And involves odd contortions that probably had more than one Wal-Mart shopper shaking their head.

 I don’t care, though, because I saw a beautiful person there. There seem to be few beautiful people in my town and this very beautiful tall, slender African American man in an oversized white shirt over a tank and a pair of shorts walked by me—with a fluid, easy walk—and this lovely waft of cologne followed him. This marked the one time in my life that I have ever smelled a cologne that was attractive; a little beachy, a little tropical, a little entrancing. I’m not sure how to describe him, because he was dressed causally, but he had this indescribable air of lithe elegance that so few people have, especially in shorts.

 So, this post is a mix of anti-corporate-monsters, pro-nice-cologne, and mixed-how-did-I-twist-my-body-that-way. I know, I’m insane!


August 13, 2008. Knittin' Porn, Snark Editorial, works-in-progress.


  1. Merenwen replied:

    Very pretty colour 🙂 I’m gonna start a pair of socks soon, only I don’t know which yarn in my stash I should use… my cheap Bernat Sox, or my nice Garnstudio Fabel?

    I must swatch… AFTER I finish the scarf for my cousin 😛

  2. knittenkitten80 replied:

    Where is the pic of this groovy guy?

  3. Tory replied:

    You’re too clever! That is something I would totally do. I just love flaunting my FOs at Teh Wal*Mart…

  4. Ashley replied:

    Aaaah Wal-Mart. 🙂 We just got one in my (teeny tiny) town, and I swear, ever since it was finished there’s been a permanent black cloud of pure EVIL above it. 🙂 But they put a Dunkin Donuts inside it, so I find myself more often than not breaking down and stepping foot inside the place of evil to get coffee. Delicious, unhealthy, evil, caffeinated goodness. And I knit in there too. And I’ve also thought about how ironic it is that I’m making something handmade in a place that SCREAMS “MASS MARKET!” haha. 🙂

    By the way, the sock is AWESOME. I LOVE the colors. 😀

  5. Aunt Kathy replied:

    nice job on the socks… there is a man in my church and his cologne is so intoxicating… I so get what you mean

  6. kissmyknits replied:

    There’s an African American man in my apt building who dresses really nicely for work and wears this cologne that smells so good. I usually dislike cologne, but I love getting into the elevator and smelling that scent. Yep, he was there…probably off to work. He’s got this dignified air about him, it makes him very attractive. He’s not above it all, but he is above it all. You know?

    Anyhoo…on to the sock compliments – nice job! Hey! You have an Aunt Kathy! I have an Aunt Kathy! Okay, back to the socks…they are wonderful. And I always feel just a tad sorry for the people who don’t understand why I’m photographing my socks or pulling out my knitting in Large Corporate Stores. *sniffles* for them.

  7. Emily...yeah that Emily replied:

    I wanna meet this guy…..what!? you didn’t get his number?

  8. Jenna replied:

    trust me, they have seen stranger things at Wal-Mart than you taking a picture of your socks. I know, I spend 40 hours a week there!

  9. samantha replied:

    no, perfectly normal, I should know (I’m the one whose crazy!). Lovely sock, even if it was photographed at walmart (where all Americans pretend they don’t shop, but really? if it’s the only place with pudding at 10pm, what would you do?)

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