Allow Me To Live Vicariously Through You…Because That’s So Healthy

 The sign-ups for the Sundara Seasons yarn club are open until the end of this month.  You get 4 shipments of different kinds of yarn: total cost approximately $204. I’ve decided against joining, although (sob) her yarns are beautiful, because even the very reasonable price of $25.50 a month is too much for my yarn budget if I want to you, you know, continue knitting with different yarns. Or whatever. I’m still convincing myself that my life will be complete without the Winter season.

 Go forth, obey my enabling…and post pictures!

 ETA: Seriously, I’m happier without it. I’ve got this Knitpicks order all planned out and I’ll get all kinds of…lovely…beautiful….


 Later: Anyone on the market for a soul?


August 27, 2008. Tags: . Snark Editorial.


  1. samantha replied:

    i agree. poor college student doesn’t even begin to describe it.

  2. Aunt Kathy replied:

    I am not a student, but it’s way out of my budget too. I have a sock yarn appetite and an acrylic budget, LOL

  3. Jen replied:

    I signed up for Summer and Winter. Who knows, if I don’t like the colors then maybe the Fairy Yarn-mother will strike again:) I am sure I will once I unpack. 34 days and counting before I begin the journey to Texas!

  4. jinniver replied:

    Whew! You won’t be living through me–those prices work out to over $50/skein for the first 3 mailings. WAY too pricey for my taste, although her colors are gorgeous. Besides, I’m already paying $66/month for a yarn club, but that’s for 3 skeins (I love Three Irish Girls!).

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