Knitmore Girls & Lace Saved My Brain

 There’s nothing quite as…bracing…as pulling into a lane of traffic and suddenly, your car won’t move.

 I wasn’t driving. But about 2 hours from our house this past Thursday, our car’s tranmission decided to quietly implode. Luckily, we managed to get the car to sputter on for about a mile longer (my mom waving cars around us) and we pulled off the nearest exit. You’ll realize how bad it is when I explain that the fact that the exit inclined downwards helped.

 At the end of the exit, the car just stopped, wouldn’t continue. So everyone got out (minus the driver!) and we pushed the car a short way down the road to the nearby gas station.  It was drizzling lightly. Fun for all at the Broken Transmission Festival!

 We got a tow, and a very kind police officer gave us a ride to the the nearest car repair shop. Then, the waiting. First, deciding what to do with the broken car. Then, renting a car. And then just sitting and sitting.

 Fortunately, I came prepared. Seascape-wrap-in-progress? Check. Fully loaded mp3 player with lots of knitting podcasts? Check. Fresh triple A batteries? Check.

 Let’s put it this way, the chairs in car repair shop offices are not built for comfort. They’re the kind of utilitarian plastic chairs that are hauled out at special church functions when the preacher expects that the annual preaching-fest will bring in more people than usual. IE: comfortable for about 5 minutes. Then you spend the rest of the time fidgeting and looking as if you felt horribly guilty, although it’s more related to the pain in your backside than your regret over your sins.

 However, I put in my earbuds and started knitting my lace. I have to periodically delete everything on my player if I want to listen to anything new, because I only have 1 gig of space.

S7305279 by you.

 I kept hearing about this knitting podcast called Knitmore Girls, so last night I downloaded a bunch of episodes. One important thing is that they’re still podcasting currently. I refuse to start listening to old knitting podcasts that have been abandoned and there are a lot of them. They’re up to episode 17 and you can check out the Knitmore Girls podcast right here.

 Gigi and Jasmine are a mother-daughter podcasting team and it’s a lot less boring than that may sound. In episode 12, the one I started with, they interviewed Franklin Habit, blogger and author of the upcoming knitting book, It Itches: A Stash Of Knitting Cartoons. (Here’s a preview: there are also essays in this book as well as cartoons!)

 Interview is probably too much of a clinical term for this; it was a very charming, chatty episode. With all this time on my hands, I knitted 22 rows of lace and listened to a few more episodes. I would start with maybe a slightly later episode, not the first few, because they’re a little less smooth and professional, so maybe you should work your way backwards. In any case, it’s a carefully structured knitting podcast that is definitely kept focused on the knitting, with a lot of spinning talk from Jasmine (the daughter) advice from Gigi, (the mother) socks, yarn, and lots and lots of book reviews!

 I can see why so many people talked about this podcast; it’s very well done and I’m looking forward to listening more. Also, since it helped me to retain my sanity while waiting, I must give it credit for that—there isn’t that much that can do that in this sad, bad world.


September 1, 2008. Tags: , . works-in-progress.


  1. Aunt Kathy replied:

    I love that knitting cartoon book, I will have to look for that.

    I only have a shuffle so I can’t listen to pod casts but when I get a better Ipod I for sure will be a faithful listener

    Sorry about the car… been there, done that, and own the T-shirt.

  2. turtlegirl76 replied:

    Awesome thanks for the tip! I’ve subscribed to the podcast and will check it out. I’m happy to hear they’re active. It’s too bad how many abandoned podcasts there are.

  3. Dava replied:

    Seascape is looking good; it would have taken me six years at that garage to get that far!

  4. jinniver replied:

    Had a similar problem with my first brand-new car (a Saturn)–after spending time in stop and go traffic, the transmission would refuse to shift out of first gear. Unfortunately, the place I was living at the time specialized in stop and go traffic…and I discovered the problem for the first time as I was entering the highway–in front of a speeding 18-wheeler. Got real familiar with Virginia’s lemon law, but considered myself fortunate not to have to get real familiar with the hospital system.

    Seascape is looking really good! You’re really moving pretty fast with that–I’m looking forward to seeing the end result. And will we be seeing the cardigan soon, since I know from Ravelry that you’re wearing it right now….? 🙂

  5. Jasmin replied:

    The last time I was stuck on the side of the road, I was so relieved that I had a book, knitting, iPod, and earbuds. I ended up reading, I think, but it’s nice to have options. Since then, I make sure to have an “emergency reading” book.

    Thanks for the great review! I’m so glad to hear that you like the podcast!

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