Needle Gnomes

Gnomes are stealing my darning needles.

That seems the most reasonable explanation. I have bought 2 of these handy, blunt-tipped needles from my local yarn store. The third time, when I explained that I had lost yet another needle? Pat looked at me sympathetically and told me to just keep this third needle, no charge.

 I’m not sure what the gnomes are doing with 3 darning needles. Given the sheer amount of crap under my bed, they could be constructing little gnome houses. Actually, there could be entire gnome village under there and I would never know. It’s been awhile since I checked. Maybe darning needles make good support beams?

 I have also blamed gnomes for stealing several halves of straight needles that I have but oddly, they always turn up after I’ve bought a replacement pair. I have 3 pairs of size 7 needles and I am not joking. They don’t steal yarn or circular needles of any kind, but I’m starting to feel a little uneasy. Maybe it’s a good thing that I keep the yarn in a tub with a snap lid.

 You know…just in case.


September 3, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Aunt Kathy replied:

    You know where I lose mine? On my nightgown. Yes I often stick them in my nightgown and then I forget. A few days later I put it on and get poked, lol

  2. Kathy W replied:

    I always thought it was the Car Key Fairies.

  3. jinniver replied:

    I have at least one gnome in my house. His name is Jeffrey. 😛

    I have finally managed to stop losing my darning needle every time I put it down. I took it in the same pouch that my swan needles are stored in–it’s harder to lose both of them together since they’re bigger than just the needle.

  4. Jasmin replied:

    Step 1: Steal Darning Needles.
    Step 2: ….
    Step 3: Profit!

    A la the Underpants Gnomes.

  5. Sarah replied:

    Darning needles migrate to the polar North.

    I’ve decided this because I started out with five in June and am now down to 1. Or possibly 0.

  6. Han5nah T. replied:

    I used to have a pretty cable needle. And some yarn needles.

    I have searched all over for them: in my craft stuff, under the couch, even in the bathroom. For some reason, I cannot find them. The needle gnomes must have a base of operation in close proximity to my home.

  7. Amanda replied:

    In our house, we’re convinced it’s a small worm hole.

  8. Anushka replied:

    yes, the gnomes are responsible for the thefts of all of my sewing needles. ridiculous. you’d think they’d be able to produce a needle-making factory themselves, but no. they have to resort to theft.

  9. Why replied:

    Darn gnomes. I blame them for missing socks and misplaced remotes.

  10. m.annema replied:

    There is only one gnome in my house, a very hard-working one. His/her work is called the disappearance act. The name of my gnome? Somebody! No gender revealing name, eh, just Somebody. Somebody steels, I mean hides, things. The good thing is, if Somebody did it, the house always is the place to search and if I do not find the missing object immediately, the house keeps it safe for me to find at a later time, say, a year or so. Blunt needles are a bit of a problem, I have lost about ten over the years. I suspect Somebody takes these out of the house to use for a Dutch passtime, caled polestick jumping. This is using a stick with a blunt end to jump canals. Put the tip in the canal at a diagonal aim, walk back,run to the edge of te canal, grab the stick and jump. The stick sways to the other side and you with it. Your gnome might be blogging with Dutch gnomes and have found a new passtime sport. Check: polsstokspringen. MargreetA.

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