Interweave Crochet Fall ’08: A Teen Crocheter and EYE CANDY!

 I’ve flirted with crochet. I’ve got a nice set of about 5 or 6 hooks, and I’ve learned, to date: foundation crochet and single crochet.

 However, the 2008 fall issue of Interweave Crochet may change all of that for me. There’s a special reason that I knew that I had to buy this issue, even if I hated all the patterns, and that is because there’s an article written by one of my teen crafting buddies, Chelsea! She’s an avid crocheter with a great blog at  And at the preview of the issue, there’s a little blurb about it!

Give a Girl a Hook:
By Chelsea Norquay
The making of a teenage crochet entrepreneur.

I cannot wait to read the article. The magazine is slated to come out on the 30th of September and OMIGOSH. OK, I know that most of my readers are knitters. My crochet skills are lacking. BUT OMIGOSH! This issue is crammed with amazing patterns that are totally kicking the idea of traditional crochet (ie: thick, frumpy) out the window! Here are some of  my personal favorites.

 The Northen Dreams Pullover

northendreams1 by you.

northendreams2 by you.

 Seriously, this is a very sexy sweater. Slender, clinging lines and very cute colorwork on the toke. No insult meant to crocheters, but I would never have pegged this as crochet at 20 feet. I just haven’t seen this kind of crochet sweater before, although I have looked.

 The Woodland Shawl

woodlandshawl1 by you.

woodlandshawl2 by you.

 This may be the pattern that I end up crocheting. The colors remind me strongly of Michele Orne Rose’s ‘Spice Market Wrap’ which also uses Manos del Uruguay, but without the intarsia headache. It’s a cute, flirty little shawl that manages to avoid the gigantic, old fashioned look that frightenes me a little when it comes to shawls, knitted or crocheted. I’m quite short (about 5, 5/12) so a big shawl could really dwarf me.

 The Driftwood Cap

driftwoodcap by you.

 Yes, I know, I know! I already have too many hats! Stop looking at me that way!

 Finest Hops Bag

finesthopsbags by you.

 This design is by Annie Modsitt and it is just made of cute.

 Dusk Sweater

 dusksweater1 by you.

 This is another sweater that uses Lorna’s Laces new green line, in the DK weight. It may be just the color that’s drawing me, but it’s still a very graceful looking sweater.

 And there are more, more and MORE designs that are just lickable. Click here for the full preview. There’s this great brown and pink lace muffler called the Austen Lave Muffler and—I need to shut up, just go look!


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  1. Aunt Kathy replied:

    I love to crochet… it’s so forgiving when you make a mistake. I like knitting too, so I switch between the two a lot

  2. nicki replied:

    Love the two projects at the top ; )
    they’re super cute!

  3. Deb replied:

    Most of my crochet love goes to lace. Then again, my knitting of late has mostly been lace…
    And a girl can never have too many hats 🙂

    Great blog!

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