Yes, I’m Still Here: Patience & Pictures & Peaches & Creme

 I have not abandoned my blog. There, I wanted to say that first, because I know plenty of blogs that I used to enjoy reading that someone abandoned. Secondly, the reason that I have not been posting is because my camera cord has officially disappeared. I think it was stolen by a mysterious white ferret that we found in our yard. My younger brother was startled to find a tame ferret in our yard, obviously abandoned or lost. We did the right thing. We bought a cage, plenty of food, we loved our ferret.

 However, the ferret apparently did not like us, and disappeared almost before a week was out. My camera cord is also missing. I am searching Ebay for the correct cord and am considering a memory card reader as a good alternative if the only seller I can find is, “CHEEPCHEEPELECTRONICZ,” with a 60% positive rating and shipping is $12 from Hong Kong.

 I do have yarny goodness. The UPS woman (yes, woman, not a man) brought a package from Peaches & Creme. I am not ashamed, I like dishcloth cotton and I am participating in a Ballband dishcloth contest. The Ravelry fan group for the Pisgah yarn company is extremely active on Ravelry and I have until November 15th to knit the original Ballband dishcloths until my eyeballs melt and pour from my sockets.

 If you don’t know what the Ballband dishcloth is, you might have seen it in the first Mason-Dixon knitting book.  Here’s a link to a picture and the pattern online. It wasn’t actually designed by the authors, it is Pisgah’s own company pattern. If you go to your local Wal-Mart or craft store and pick up a ball of Peaches & Creme yarn, (not to be confused with Sugar’n Cream) you can find the pattern printed on the inside of the label. You use two different colors of cotton yarn to make a textured, cushy dishcloth that is really fab at absorbing water and, if you make it smaller, really good at scrubbing, too.

 My Wal-Mart has limited colors of P&C, so I broke down and ordered directly from the Peaches & Creme website. I am now rolling around in crisp shades of green, lickable reds, a pale pink and a icy lemon to pair with some chocolate to make some cute and delicious looking dishcloths—I’ve also got some blue, a deep purple that just pops—I’ve got about 12 balls. All colors that I can’t get locally.

 I know dishcloths aren’t exactly the hawt thing to knit. After all, it costs $1.69 a ball for Peaches & Creme, which totally means it’s low-class. Despite the fact that many of the positive reasons for knitting socks also apply to dishcloths—portable, quick, comes in many colors, practical—it’s just not as chic to knit something that doesn’t cost $25. Sense the sarcasm?

 Don’t get me wrong, I love socks and sock yarn, but there’s a definite snobbery involved if the only reason someone doesn’t knit dishcloths is because it’s cheap. Now, some people can’t stand cotton, or it hurts their hands very much. They also might just dislike the finished object. But there’s something to be said for a project that costs under $5 and makes a beautiful, usable knitted object. I think that’s definitely in the line of traditional, practical knitting.


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  1. pdxknitterati replied:

    Mmmm, dishcloths are more fun than socks because they go FASTER! You can also use that P&C to make a Monteagle string bag, free pattern from the Mason-Dixon Gals. Or buy the new book! I did.

    Camera cord: what kind are you looking for? I’ll bet there are a lot of us with extra camera cords floating around our homes. And all of mine take the same kind of cord…

  2. Jadielady replied:

    There is no shame in dishcloth knitting. I absolutely fricking LOVE my hand-knit washcloths. I refuse to use the store bought ones.
    And for every wedding I attend I knit at least one cloth to go with a small store bought gift.

  3. samantha replied:

    glad to have you back, and I know what you mean about the dishcloths, I always want to knit one but never have the patience….

  4. Jennifer replied:

    I used to scoff…but then I discovered that nothing can get me out of a funk quicker than super-bright ombre Peaches & Creme! (Plus they’re in-state for me–shop local, I say…)

  5. Cheryl replied:

    It’s nice to find a young lady who knits and is from WV. And a young lady who thinks frugally, WOW! I’m an old fuddy grandma from WV who hasn’t knit dishcloths yet. Good to meet you on Ravelry.

  6. jinniver replied:

    Another plus for dishcloths over socks–no DPNs! (Or circular needles, whichever your choice.)

    My Wal-Mart carries only limited colors of Peaches and Cream, and I really haven’t looked for it at the other big box stores. But I did find a great rainbow colored ombre that I ought to pair with some black for that ballband pattern…

  7. Merenwen replied:

    Plus, dishcloths would probably make good gifts. My mom has made crocheted ones. She seems to like them, although they don’t get used that often anymore. I think htey’re getting old and tattered, because we hardly use them. I have a lot of cotton, so I might make some dishcloths.

  8. Sarah replied:


  9. Michelle replied:

    All hail the dishcloth! They are the firs thing I ever knit and I still use them!

    I’m glad you are back!

  10. Linnea replied:

    I am looking for some help with a string back posted on the peaches and cream site. I know how to crochet but the instructions are a bit confusing. Is the bottom rectangular or oval? My bottom is comming out oval! any help would be appreciated.

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