Alert All Operatives: Knitted Hat Needed For Friend!

 I have asked questions before and you, my minions, my friends-in-yarn…you have never failed me.

 I have a mission. A dear friend of mine needs hat. This poor man is possessed of a rather large noggin. 25 inches around, to be exact. He would love to own a hat that would fit his unusually large head (stop laughing) but even specialty hat shops have not yielded any suitable hatwear.

 Since I do love him and currently owe him a large favor, I am going to knit him a hat. I have no problems designing a basic hat for him,  that’s not my problem. I was just wondering if there were already hats out there for people with big heads—something a little more exciting than a basic hat that I can easily come up with one my own. The criteria:

  • Nothing too fanciful. He’s a poet with old-world sensibilities, so he could definitely handle a beret, but please, no prancing kittens or puppies and please, God, nothing like this:


 Sorry, Knitpicks.

  • Must fit a head 25 inches around, or be easily sized up
  • I would really, really, really, really, really like to be able to knit him a driver type cap, like Morgan, but that is only sized up to 23.5 inches. He loves this type of hat, but the complicated patterns makes me wary of my ability to change this pattern. Anyone?
  • A little boho sensibility is nice. The yarn is already going to be black or dark gray.

Please, do it for my poor, hatless friend. Imagine his pain, never being able to hide his head from the harsh winds of winter. Feel his pain, and help me help him!


October 15, 2008. Snark Editorial.


  1. ariatari replied:

    if you knit Morgan at a gauge of 17.5 sts/4″, it should work out to fit a 25″ head… just fyi.

  2. MJ replied:

    They’re super easy to resize and quick to knit, plus any color combo works.

  3. Jasmin replied:

    To tag onto ariatari’s comment, that’s a worsted weight yarn. I’m glad he’s deserving. 🙂

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