Foreign Sock Yarn: The Maverick’s Choice

Ah, foreign sock yarn, the first choice of those with taste. I swapped with Maverick for some beautiful sock yarn which I quickly turned into this almost-finished Maelstrom sock

S7305971 by you.

sock by you.

S7305979 by you.

 As you can see,  it isn’t finished. Why? Because the toe decreases are stupid, that’s why. Sorry, Cookie A, but I really think it’s over-writing a pattern when you write the decreases to include stitch markers. It’s not like I’m trying to keep in pattern on a stockinette toe! Especially when I ignore you and now my brain is dead and I’m searching for my 5th DPN.

 However, as the weather is growing chillier, I really need to finish a pair of socks. So I’ll pull out the pattern and finish…as soon as I find the DPN! Stupid gnomes.


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Tweedy Yarn Goodness and Porn Spammers

 First, thanks to the enlightening spammer who let me know what “Mark didn’t usually let people do that to him, but he did this time,” and left a great link to a porn website. Thank GOD I’ve got a good spam catcher.

 Secondly, knitting!

 Remember my friend, Matt? I’m knitting the Morgan hat for him out of some beautiful tweedy yarn. Kathmunda Aran is a wool-cashmere-nylon blend and since Matt wears all black, all the time, I picked this color.

Morgan Hat by you.

 I love the way that the flecks of turqoise and gray stand out against the dignified black yarn. Also, it was 20% off at my local yarn store. Pat, the owner, comes up with monthly specials. In October, ANY yarn that was made in Italy was 20% off. Do you have any idea how yarns are made in Italy? That chick is crazy and I adore her.

 And, yes, this is an aran-weight yarn and the pattern calls for DK. I am knitting this hat in fear and trembling because it must fit Matt’s 25 inch head, but I keep thinking, “Dang! This hat is BIG!”

Morgan Hat by you.

 See what I mean? That’s just the top layer of the hat. Forgive the terrible picture quality. My camera is possessed and hopefully, Christmas will remedy this. I’m thinking of calling an emergency fitting with Matt at our local coffeshop. He will have to keep his eyes closed, however, since this will be his Christmas present.

  Which reminds me, why hasn’t Starbucks come into my neighborhood? I’m pretty sure that there’s a Starbucks inside the Oval Office itself, why not my little town?

 Back to the hat. Matt is so excited about it, it scares me. He talks about it to other people and when I sent him a quick update on the hat’s status, he repeated, “I’m so excited about this, hehehehehe.”

 Yes, a 21 year old man wrote, ‘hehehehehehe,’ because he is excited about a hat that I am knitting for him. Can you understand the pressure that puts on me to make this perfect? I’ve never had anyone be so confident in my knitting skills before and I think I’m starting to crack. I’ve got over a month to finish this hat or reknit this hat, and I’m terrified.

 It’s the opposite of the ungrateful recipient: the person who is so grateful before you even FINISH the object that you feel like a small fluffy animal will die if you screw this up. It’s like, the anti-end to a Christmas flick.

 (The scene is Christmas morning and a nervous young knitter hands a carefully wrapped package to Matt. He opens it and pulls out a shapeless tweedy mass.)

Me: Uh, it needs some blocking

Matt: AGHHH! It’s attacking my face!

Me: Maybe I shouldn’t have sold my soul to the devil in those last few hours so I could finish in time…

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The Joy Of Yarn

 Yes, there’s a book titled, “The Joy Of Knitting,” but this isn’t about the joy of knitting. It’s about the joy of yarn.

 I didn’t understand it until I came home this Saturday with some beautiful Sublime Organic Wool DK in a delicate, heathered gray. It will become my next sweater. But not yet. First, I have a hat to finish. And I want to slow down, stop casting on new projects. The weather in West Virginia has let go of summer, finally, and the chill is making thoughts of warm handknits alluring and comforting.

Sublime Organic Merino DK by you.

Sublime Organic Merino DK by you.

 But right now, I am just enjoying the yarn. It’s sitting next to me in the yarn store’s red and brown checkered bags. I reached over and squeeze it quite often. It is very soft, soft in that warm, bouncy woolly way; that delicious spring that you can’t get in cotton or acrylics. I am enjoying this yarn. I am not knitting with this yarn.

 I realized a few days ago that I hate knitting with acrylic. You have to understand me: I haven’t knitted with acrylic for over a year now, but not because I entirely discounted it. I thought that if I needed a washable yarn sometime, I could fall back on Caron Simply Soft—maybe a blanket for the dog or something. I remember Simply Soft fondly. It feels silky in the skein and comes in good colors. My younger sister bought red, white and green skeins to make a scarf for herself.

 She was working against a deadline, so when I asked her to braid my hair, she handed me her scarf and said, KNIT!

 That’s when I realized that I hated knitting with acrylic. It had no life. It felt crunchy and sticky and stiff in my hands. I sat there, gaping, as I wrapped the yarn around the needles and realized that it felt like I was knitting with plastic tubes or something. I hadn’t realized how I had become so used to natural fibers—perhaps, I hadn’t realized how spoiled I was.

 So now I’m sitting here, and squeezing my organic wool and thinking: hmm. Maybe I should take advantage of this zen mode to knit on my WIPs…

 because God knows I’ll be casting this on tomorrow.

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