The Joy Of Yarn

 Yes, there’s a book titled, “The Joy Of Knitting,” but this isn’t about the joy of knitting. It’s about the joy of yarn.

 I didn’t understand it until I came home this Saturday with some beautiful Sublime Organic Wool DK in a delicate, heathered gray. It will become my next sweater. But not yet. First, I have a hat to finish. And I want to slow down, stop casting on new projects. The weather in West Virginia has let go of summer, finally, and the chill is making thoughts of warm handknits alluring and comforting.

Sublime Organic Merino DK by you.

Sublime Organic Merino DK by you.

 But right now, I am just enjoying the yarn. It’s sitting next to me in the yarn store’s red and brown checkered bags. I reached over and squeeze it quite often. It is very soft, soft in that warm, bouncy woolly way; that delicious spring that you can’t get in cotton or acrylics. I am enjoying this yarn. I am not knitting with this yarn.

 I realized a few days ago that I hate knitting with acrylic. You have to understand me: I haven’t knitted with acrylic for over a year now, but not because I entirely discounted it. I thought that if I needed a washable yarn sometime, I could fall back on Caron Simply Soft—maybe a blanket for the dog or something. I remember Simply Soft fondly. It feels silky in the skein and comes in good colors. My younger sister bought red, white and green skeins to make a scarf for herself.

 She was working against a deadline, so when I asked her to braid my hair, she handed me her scarf and said, KNIT!

 That’s when I realized that I hated knitting with acrylic. It had no life. It felt crunchy and sticky and stiff in my hands. I sat there, gaping, as I wrapped the yarn around the needles and realized that it felt like I was knitting with plastic tubes or something. I hadn’t realized how I had become so used to natural fibers—perhaps, I hadn’t realized how spoiled I was.

 So now I’m sitting here, and squeezing my organic wool and thinking: hmm. Maybe I should take advantage of this zen mode to knit on my WIPs…

 because God knows I’ll be casting this on tomorrow.


November 11, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Jadielady replied:

    I know exactly what you mean. I tell myself, there’s nothing wrong with acrylic yarn. I have TONS from my early knitting days where I just bought pretty colors or what felt “soft.” but then I found WOOL and blends and sock yarn and Cascade and *dreamy sigh*
    yeah, that acrylic has sat untouched for about a year for me as well.

  2. Vivian replied:

    That yarn looks pretty much amazing and I am incredibly jealous. Can’t wait til I can see what you make with it. 🙂

  3. Rachel replied:

    I had exactly the same realization a couple of years ago. I had been knitting pretty much exclusively with natural fibers for a while and tried to go back to acrylic – nope. It felt like plastic – horrible and unnatural. I can still use blends without getting the willies too bad, though.

  4. Michelle replied:

    Ooh! The yarn is lovely!

  5. kissmyknits replied:

    I can’t even knit with acrylic blend. I feel guilty saying that, knowing full well that there are people out there who might take my acrylic distaste personally; but I gotta be me!!

  6. brooke replied:

    That shade of Sublime is gorgeous! (And I didn’t know they made an organic yarn…must add that to my wish list!)

  7. Jennifer replied:

    I’ve never gone completely off acrylic–but that jarring, squeaky feeling on the needles really makes me want to! But I’ll always have to go synthetic for gifts, with my family…

  8. samantha replied:

    wow, I love those pictures! Come back an blog more, I miss your funny, witty style showing up on my ravelry feed every few days!

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