Foreign Sock Yarn: The Maverick’s Choice

Ah, foreign sock yarn, the first choice of those with taste. I swapped with Maverick for some beautiful sock yarn which I quickly turned into this almost-finished Maelstrom sock

S7305971 by you.

sock by you.

S7305979 by you.

 As you can see,  it isn’t finished. Why? Because the toe decreases are stupid, that’s why. Sorry, Cookie A, but I really think it’s over-writing a pattern when you write the decreases to include stitch markers. It’s not like I’m trying to keep in pattern on a stockinette toe! Especially when I ignore you and now my brain is dead and I’m searching for my 5th DPN.

 However, as the weather is growing chillier, I really need to finish a pair of socks. So I’ll pull out the pattern and finish…as soon as I find the DPN! Stupid gnomes.


November 30, 2008. works-in-progress.

One Comment

  1. jinniver replied:

    Socks on 2 circs. Just sayin’. 😉 In the meantime, good luck with finding that DPN! We had a cold front come through over the weekend that dropped temps to the mid-70s, so we’re starting to bundle up a bit down here…

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