The Rewards Of Knitting: Or, twopairsonemonth

IMG_0275 by you.

IMG_0276 by you.

 This is what happens when you knit. You get beautiful handknit socks that fit you perfectly. I am loving on these socks.

Yarn: Patons Stretch Sock

Colorway: Sugar

Needle: Size 0

 I’ve actually knit two pairs of socks this month, but I need a decent picture of the first pair to show you. I’ve been motivated by a really great group on Ravelry that’s dedicated to knitting one pair of socks a month. Unlike the famous Sock Knitter’s Anonymous, this one has no prizes and no set patterns, but a lot of energy and chatter. It’s the Great Sock Off of 2009. I found it amusing that on Inauguration Day, many of us posted that we were unable to keep a very good eye on our knitting while watching the events—I’m not quite sure exactly how many rows I knit on that first heel flap, but fortunately, the pair match fairly well.

 The yarn is a big box yarn and yet I really, really enjoyed the springy feel of my finished socks. Yes, it cost just $10, but I like these just as much as the more expensive variety. Yarn snobbery doesn’t have to mean expensive!


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Fabulous Things Come To Those Who Wait

Some of you, along with me, may read Jesh’s knitting blog. She spins, she makes lovely spindles, and in general produces some beautiful eye candy. Well, for a long time, I’d admired some beautiful handspun of hers that was spun from Ravenclaw roving: blue and bright gold. Blue and gold like this handspun yarn right here.

Ravenclaw Handspun by you.

Ravenclaw Handspun by you.

Ravenclaw Handspun by you.

That came in the mail this morning. Remember the swap group that I told you about? Well, when I saw that Jesh had posted her Ravenclaw, I absolutely had to have it. The twist is that you had to guess a mystery yarn that she also posted. A mystery yarn that I only recognized because I once saw it in a yarn shop. You will understand my glee when I realized what it was and she confirmed my guess. I had won the Ravenclaw…PLUS, the mystery yarn. That’s another reason why Jesh is awesome. She says there’s roughly 275 yards and 3.5 ounces.

(In my turn, I had fun. I posted some vintage Red Heart. That definitely puzzled people for some time, AND I got rid of some of my overabundance of knitting books.)

The mystery yarn was Kollage Lucious, a cotton-elastic blend fingering weight. There’s enough here for a pair of socks.

Kollage Lucious by you.

Kollage Lucious by you.

And that’s why I’ve learned that sometimes, destiny really will bring you what you want–and sometimes with a bonus. Thanks, Jesh. I’ll really treasure these both.

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Think Pink, A Better Way Of Knitting!

 Farmhouse Yarns Bessie by you.

Farmhouse Yarns Bessie by you.

I’m not sure what it is with me and pink lately. Maybe I’ve been influenced by all the Valentines Day merchandise flooding the stores, but considering that I saw Easter decorations out at a local craft store a few days ago, I can’t be sure.  This is one skein of Farmhouse Yarns Bessie, a 50/50 wool-mohair blend that’s been discontinued. I swapped for it, based purely on the color. The camera does not lie. This is a retina-searing, soul-satisfying pinkfest that is incredible to behold.

 On the other hand, I have reached the heel flap on my socks, which I have dubbed my Inauguration socks. Guess what I was watching while I knit these?

Patons Stretch Sock Sugar by you.

I took a picture to demonstrate just how long these socks are going to be. I knit the leg to be 7 inches long in 2 by 2 ribbing. I’m sick of abbreviated socks. The yarn is Patons Stretch Socks in the Sugar colorway. It’s a cotton-wool-elastic blend and at $10 for 478 yards, it’s a bargain, and makes a nicely cushy sock.

 Maybe I’m going pink because the chill of the year calls for hot, warm colors. Or maybe it’s the irrepressible optomism that spills out when you’re 18 and just watched the inauguration of a man that I hope—dearly hope—will reawaken America, and remind us of the fact that it’s not really presidents that matter, not the power of the president that has made this country great—it’s us. And that’s not about politics, it’s about people.

Or maybe it’s just because pink is a freaking awesome color. You pick.

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The Non-Political Post

See that? That’s a sock. I ripped out the stockinette after I took the picture and it’s going to be ribbed all the way. Isn’t that sock nice and soothing and non-political? Its colorful cheerfulness provides a soothing haven from Huffpo and perky blond news anchors skipping around and interviewing people standing behind rope barriers. I’m jittery and also happy. 2008 was a terrible, choked year for me; ugly and lukewarm. I’m glad beyond description to see it go.

 Happiness can be smoothing a half-finished ribbed sock over your knee, and watching the old year fade into the distance with every stitch.

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Swaptastic Yarn

Blue Sky Alpaca Silk by you.

This is Blue Sky Alpaca Silk yarn, in the colorway Papaya. I received two skeins in the mail today. I didn’t spend any money on it, but it was not an RAK. I’ve recently found an interesting group on Ravelry that swaps yarn in a rather simple way. It looks complicated on the surface, but really isn’t. It’s the Completely Pointless and Abitrary Swap group, a spin-off of the orginal CP&A group.

 Each swap thread has different rules, but most run like this. Someone posts a skein of yarn that they don’t want to keep anymore. The first person to claim the yarn gets the yarn, and then posts their own offer. Essentially, whoever gets ‘dibs’ can find some very nice yarn on there and get rid of some of their stash that they don’t want. This is a simplistic explanation of a fast-moving group, but if you want to try out some new fibers and have some unwanted stash, check it out. Make sure to read the rules, and have fun!

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Addictive Knitting: Like Chocolate For Chocolate

 I decided to be perverse, because whenever I see the phrase, ‘like water for chocolate”, I am immeaditely worried that some idiot is going to mix water and chocolate some time and my darling, you will ruin your chocolate if you do that. Well, technically, you can eat it, but it looks nasty. So this post is about addictive knitting and the, um, surprising way a project can suck you in.

S7306063 by you.

Pattern: Entrelac Scarf

Designer: Alison LoCicero

Yarn: Silk Garden Lite

Needle Size:  US 6

Skeins: 4, but I only needed 3 to make a scarf of respectable dimensions.

This Noro was one of my Christmas presents and when I looked at it, I really wished that my life was a movie and the chorus would begin to sing in haunted, angelic tones to signal that the Time of Anointing had come. I adored the colors: many different shades of purple, green, subdued yellow and black. Unfortunately, lacking this chorus, I decided to cast on this scarf. I had never done entrelac before, so I searched until I found a pattern that seemed managable. The pattern calls for 18 stitches over 4 inches. The Silk Garden Lite is a DK weight, so I subbed in size 6 needles and it worked out into a respectable scarf size.

 Yes, I said scarf. That is because it is already finished.

 It amazes me that something so passionate could end so quickly. That we both fulfilled eachother so completely that to try to add to the experience would be like putting a mustache on the Mona Lisa: amusing, but pointless. This Noro scarf became my sole obsession. I loved watching the colors change. I love every little triangle and square that formed on my needles.

S7306071 by you.

There it stands, casting a long shadow over the gritty pavement. We are not ashamed of what we did…only of what we did not do before our short time together was ended.

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