Swaptastic Yarn

Blue Sky Alpaca Silk by you.

This is Blue Sky Alpaca Silk yarn, in the colorway Papaya. I received two skeins in the mail today. I didn’t spend any money on it, but it was not an RAK. I’ve recently found an interesting group on Ravelry that swaps yarn in a rather simple way. It looks complicated on the surface, but really isn’t. It’s the Completely Pointless and Abitrary Swap group, a spin-off of the orginal CP&A group.

 Each swap thread has different rules, but most run like this. Someone posts a skein of yarn that they don’t want to keep anymore. The first person to claim the yarn gets the yarn, and then posts their own offer. Essentially, whoever gets ‘dibs’ can find some very nice yarn on there and get rid of some of their stash that they don’t want. This is a simplistic explanation of a fast-moving group, but if you want to try out some new fibers and have some unwanted stash, check it out. Make sure to read the rules, and have fun!


January 17, 2009. Knittin' Porn, ravelry.


  1. kissmyknits replied:

    Dat is purdy.

  2. jessica replied:

    my yarn! well, used to be mine, heeee!

  3. Helen replied:

    that group sounds like fun!
    Must go stash diving to get offers ready!

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