Think Pink, A Better Way Of Knitting!

 Farmhouse Yarns Bessie by you.

Farmhouse Yarns Bessie by you.

I’m not sure what it is with me and pink lately. Maybe I’ve been influenced by all the Valentines Day merchandise flooding the stores, but considering that I saw Easter decorations out at a local craft store a few days ago, I can’t be sure.  This is one skein of Farmhouse Yarns Bessie, a 50/50 wool-mohair blend that’s been discontinued. I swapped for it, based purely on the color. The camera does not lie. This is a retina-searing, soul-satisfying pinkfest that is incredible to behold.

 On the other hand, I have reached the heel flap on my socks, which I have dubbed my Inauguration socks. Guess what I was watching while I knit these?

Patons Stretch Sock Sugar by you.

I took a picture to demonstrate just how long these socks are going to be. I knit the leg to be 7 inches long in 2 by 2 ribbing. I’m sick of abbreviated socks. The yarn is Patons Stretch Socks in the Sugar colorway. It’s a cotton-wool-elastic blend and at $10 for 478 yards, it’s a bargain, and makes a nicely cushy sock.

 Maybe I’m going pink because the chill of the year calls for hot, warm colors. Or maybe it’s the irrepressible optomism that spills out when you’re 18 and just watched the inauguration of a man that I hope—dearly hope—will reawaken America, and remind us of the fact that it’s not really presidents that matter, not the power of the president that has made this country great—it’s us. And that’s not about politics, it’s about people.

Or maybe it’s just because pink is a freaking awesome color. You pick.


January 20, 2009. Knittin' Porn, Tuesday Project Updates, works-in-progress.


  1. Amanda replied:

    I vote for “all of the above”!

    As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gone from hating pink to having a fondness and love for it.

  2. gimpykatk replied:

    I vote PINK is an awesome color, I LOVE PINK

  3. knittxchick replied:

    I’d say it’s both! xD I’m watching the parade now, and I only saw a part of his speech in school today.

    But you are completely right that it’s us that make the country. ❤
    Plus pink is totally gangster. ;3

  4. Jen replied:

    Well…the next several months will be…interesting. Judgment reserved…

    That pink…is PINK. I mean PINK. I’ve never been much of a pink person, but I’ve added some to my stash recently. For me, it’s either got to be delicately pale or hot and screaming. Insipid pink or anything the color of Pepto is out. 🙂

  5. Bonnie replied:

    Those socks are amazing. I’m jealous.

  6. lynlee replied:

    If you are 18 and understand that it is THE PEOPLE who matter, then I suppose I will forgive the scar on my eyeball from looking at the pink.

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