Fabulous Things Come To Those Who Wait

Some of you, along with me, may read Jesh’s knitting blog. She spins, she makes lovely spindles, and in general produces some beautiful eye candy. Well, for a long time, I’d admired some beautiful handspun of hers that was spun from Ravenclaw roving: blue and bright gold. Blue and gold like this handspun yarn right here.

Ravenclaw Handspun by you.

Ravenclaw Handspun by you.

Ravenclaw Handspun by you.

That came in the mail this morning. Remember the swap group that I told you about? Well, when I saw that Jesh had posted her Ravenclaw, I absolutely had to have it. The twist is that you had to guess a mystery yarn that she also posted. A mystery yarn that I only recognized because I once saw it in a yarn shop. You will understand my glee when I realized what it was and she confirmed my guess. I had won the Ravenclaw…PLUS, the mystery yarn. That’s another reason why Jesh is awesome. She says there’s roughly 275 yards and 3.5 ounces.

(In my turn, I had fun. I posted some vintage Red Heart. That definitely puzzled people for some time, AND I got rid of some of my overabundance of knitting books.)

The mystery yarn was Kollage Lucious, a cotton-elastic blend fingering weight. There’s enough here for a pair of socks.

Kollage Lucious by you.

Kollage Lucious by you.

And that’s why I’ve learned that sometimes, destiny really will bring you what you want–and sometimes with a bonus. Thanks, Jesh. I’ll really treasure these both.


January 23, 2009. Knittin' Porn.


  1. gimpykatk replied:

    Awesome… I love them both

  2. jinniver replied:

    Love that blue and gold yarn (you’ll have to forgive me if I accidentally refer to it as Navy yarn instead of Ravenclaw…). I love the way she got the colors to blend *without* them turning into green.

  3. Meredith replied:

    I love,love the Ravenclaw! But…you didn’t actually send someone the Red Heart did you? Aargh, was it pretty or something redeemable?

    Your sis the Snob. xoxo

  4. jenfromri replied:

    Lucky you! That Ravenclaw is gorgeous.

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